Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Eclipse -- nuntium ducentesimum nonagesimum quartum

Here's another Lizbeth metallic snowflake.  This one is from Robin Perfetti's Snowflake Pattern Pack and it's called Eclipse.
Lizbeth Metallic Turquoise Blue size 20

One thing that I really like about this metallic thread is that it's VERY easy to untat with it.  I don't know why that top arm is so wonky, I must not have snugged up the chain very well.

Saturday, August 18, 2018

Just like potato chips! - nuntium ducentesimum nonagesimum tertium

At our TCT retreat, Diane showed us this bracelet from a Facebook post.  I *think* it's from Poland and a tatter named Alicja.  If I understand it correctly, she challenged everyone to make one (or more) and has provided her pattern freely. 
I couldn't stop.  I made two reds and two purples!
Lizbeth 20 

They are super fun to make.  (Even though I still dislike beads).

Friday, August 17, 2018

Diane to the rescue aka Metallic snowflake #3 - nuntium ducentesimum nonagesimum secundum

Thank goodness for Diane, the Lace Lovin' Librarian!  I greedily tried to make a second flake from the Lizbeth Metallic Rose which she kindly shared with me and ran out!  So in a complete fit "need to complete it", I requested two more arm-lengths so I could complete Frivole's Le Flocon Frivole.  And Diane being the kind person she is, got it instantly in the post.

I trimmed that offending bit of thread after the photo!

Whew, I don't know how long I could have lived with that incomplete flake.
Thanks, Diane.  I'll sleep easier now.

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Metallic snowflake #2 - nuntium ducentesimum nonagesimum primum

Here's one with Lizbeth Metallic Silver.  It's very pretty in person.

This is Robin Perfetti's First Snowfall and I remember when I first tried it, I had the dickens of a time remembering the large rings below the central ones.  Guess what?  Same problem.  Because I had a limited amount of the precious Lizbeth Metallic, I distatified an arm and a half!  I have put a note on my pattern to watch out for this.  I know several people have said this but the metallic shine doesn't really come through in the photos.  If you are even mildly thinking of trying this thread, go for it!

Monday, August 13, 2018

Metallic snowflake - nuntium ducentesimum nonagesimum

Here's the Lizbeth Metallic Rose snowflake that I was able to complete. (See previous post for the one where I ran out of this thread.) It's a pattern by Betsy Evans.  It's very easy to do and the result is pretty nice.

I wonder if the pink snowflakes will be a hit?  The metallic thread certainly does give more body to the flakes which is very appealing.

School tomorrow, sigh.  I know that once the kids come it will be fun but I sure have enjoyed my summer!

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Doily from last summer - nuntium ducentesimum undenonagesimum

My elder daughter tats and last summer we decided to make a Renulek doily together, she doing one round then I the other.  This one is called DAISY, here's the pattern.  We used ecru and herbal garden, size 20 and found out that one of us tats much more tightly than the other.  Guess which is which?

We completed it this spring but I never posted about it so here it is!

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Argh - nuntium ducentesimum duodenonagesimum

At our TCT retreat, Diana shared a lot of her thread with us.   I've been using the Lizbeth metallic to see if I want to order some for the "season".  I've been making things but unwilling to photograph them until they are blocked (ironed).  I thought I had enough for a second flake from the lovely Rose color but I guess not.
As metallic threads go, this is very nice.  It still kinks a bit and I have to be careful to tat a tiny bit more loosely or the rings don't close but all in all. It's pretty good.

That is my completely unsolicited opinion.... : )

Sunday, August 5, 2018

peacock ice drop - nuntium ducentesimum octogesimum septimum

At our TCT retreat, Diane the Lace Lovin' Librarian was most generous.  She shared many things including thread, thread and thread; beads and even patterns.  Through her encouragement, I tried some SLon beading thread with Shelley Perrault's pattern and a peacock bead.  Because the SLon is so thin, I had to modify it on the outside.  I think it turned out okay.

I wound both bobbins full and I think I have enough to do another one.  I have another bead so why not?  : )

Saturday, August 4, 2018

Black lace - nuntium ducentesimum octogesimum sextum

I don't often work with black thread, I think my eyes are too old for it.  At the recent craft fair, I did sell a bracelet which I'd made for my daughter but she "grew out of/ grew up of" so I'd put it on the table to see what would happen.  Blow me down, it sold.  So I thought about making another and went back to Totus Mel's pattern.  I didn't do the original in size 10 (not my thing) but she was young and slight enough that it worked.

This time I decided to modify it a bit.  I know, me modify anything?  But I did and I'm pleased with the result.
My darling daughter's hand (top view)

All laid out- if I make the pair, I will modify so that the sides are equal.
As you can see, the sides aren't the same, that's because I put the hooks in as I tatted but realized I needed a LOT more to go around the wrist.  The difference in thread size was a lot.  Actually both my slim daughter and I can wear it, she fastens it in a different place but it doesn't flop.  Younger daughter said she would wear these for a wedding if they were white.  (and they matched her dress) So maybe I should try a white/off white pair with beads?

Thursday, August 2, 2018

TCT 2018 retreat - nuntium ducentesimum octogesimum quintum

Wow did we have fun or what!  Many thanks to Cindy  who did so much of the organizing and the shopping.  She's so organized we even are ready for next year!

The Timberhaze is an amazing location which again was an oasis of calm and lots of laughter and tatting.  In fact I'm not sure it's a good idea to tell everyone how wonderful it is because we want to go again and it fills up fast!  The craft room alone is amazing. 
Photo by Cindy

We had another lovely commemorative shuttle from Frivole
Another wonderful photo by Cindy

We went to a nearby winery one day and out for dinner the first evening but the majority of the time was tatting, tatting and more tatting!

My first goal was to get my four lucky pennies done.  I finally found them in ND when we were there last week.  So here's the first thing I made:

That doesn't seem to be a lucky penny.  Right!  Diane had brought a pattern for the peacock bead from Shelley Perreault.  I tried the metallic Lizbeth (isn't that a gorgeous color?) but it was too big so I made an ice drop.  Go figure, Diane was in the room....

Diane is so, so generous.  She brought a lot of supplies including all of the metallic Lizbeth threads.  She offered and offered so I happily took some (a lot- gulp!).
My plan is to make a snowflake in each of the colors I chose and see which I like most.  Then I order my own stash.  It's much nicer than most metallics and doesn't seem to hurt my hands.  But it isn't regular Lizbeth for sure.

Next, my penny.  I've made about 10 of these and suddenly I couldn't get it to work!

Grr, I tried altering the stitch counts and NOTHING worked.  I even called in the expert - Heidi and she couldn't figure it out either.  Turns out the size of large picot on the back side is VERY important.  Mine was too small.
Finally success.

Isn't that the cutest box ever?  Diane, of course.

Next I tried tatting on a button like Cindy does.

Cindy has tatted on buttons for a few years now and always makes such lovely things.  With the Mocha metallic and Cindy's guidance on the beads, I gave it a try.  (This is Cindy's pattern.)  And in case you haven't noticed it, look at the gorgeous "bin" that she made for each of us.  Mine has wine corks- how appropriate!

Next, then more pennies!

Where did the picture of the fourth one go?  I don't know!  Who cares!  

Now I'm off on my next tatting adventure- where will it be?

Friday, July 27, 2018

No go - - nuntium ducentesimum octogesimum quartum

Craft fairs.  sigh.

Barely a glance at the messy flowers.  No interest in the dreamcatchers.  But I did sell a few things.  I made the table fee anyway.

And the musicians were great!

Then we went to my family's home in ND.  I got in some tatting in the car.  I made three anklets for the younger daughter (no picture, they were out of my hands before I knew it).

What's next?

Saturday, July 21, 2018

Messy flowers - nuntium ducentesimum octogesimum quartum

Here's my last little bit of "panic" tatting.  I have this lovely old  rayon crochet which is super shiny.  I wouldn't use it for anything because it "fights" a it as you tat but I made up these "messy" flowers for barrettes.  Who knows if anyone will like them?  They really go against my grain.  I love symmetry and order (What Latin teacher doesn't?) and this really flies in the face of that.

I'm interested to see if anyone even picks one up!

By the by, thank you for your positive comments- I've been away from blogging so long I wasn't sure anyone would see my posts.  It's so nice to have encouragement (my family does a great job but they're always nice...)

Friday, July 20, 2018

Roses - - nuntium ducentesimum octogesimum tertium

I've been back at my rose bookmarks again (for the craft fair).  These are a combination of Jeanne Lugert's rose, a modified version of Frivole's leaf (modified because I goofed not because it wasn't wonderful) and my own variant for the the little leaf by the rose.  One of them even has some of Ninetta's treble tatting for the sepals which was fun to try. Here's her handy youtube video to help if you haven't tried it yet.

I cleaned the house all day today so tonight and tomorrow will be all "panic tatting".  ; )

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Dreamcatchers (again) - nuntium ducentesimum octogesimum secundum

I've been making things for our local craft fair called ComoFest.  I've been working on dreamcatchers which I learned from "Hiskid" way back in 2012.  She very sweetly made this tutorial for me back then.  Even though I really love the final product, I haven't made these for a couple years.  It was so fun, I did all the hoops I had this time!

Every time we have this summer craft fair, I work like crazy on the "next best and greatest thing" thinking they'll sell like hotcakes.  I'll just be thrilled if I break even.

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

1927 bonnet and a surprise - nuntium ducentesimum octogesimum primum

We went to Iowa and saw the opera.  It was great fun and my former student did a great job!  My friend forgot her tatting (gasp!) so we didn't do that but we had a great time anyway. 

I started on the 1927 baby bonnet.  Even though I've used long-hand patterns in the past (a long time ago when the dinosaurs roamed the earth), I'm more comfortable with visual patterns- in fact I distinctly remember avoiding patterns that didn't also have pictures for me to look at.  Isn't that funny?
Here's the very beginning.
This is size 100 Fincrochet.  I think it's going to be way too small!

So I drew it out for myself.  It's not even but it works for me.

I'm excited to make it, it's so pretty!  It does break my heart though that someone designed this and gets ZERO credit.  Thank you whoever you were/are!

And lastly, even though this is wildly exciting to me, look what I found at a gas station in Iowa!
My students had so much fun with it!  I had it displayed like this when they came into the room yesterday morning and they were hovering like bees and trying to peer into it from below.  When I told them they could touch it and then put it on, they were so excited.  I have some of the best pictures with HUGE smiles.  (Sorry, I won't show them though.)

Who knew?  When I went to purchase the helmet (and mind you there were two different color crests to choose from), the cashier didn't bat an eyelash.  My friend asked if she sold many and she responded, "Oh, you'd be surprised".  Somehow I have visions of people all over Iowa driving around with these on!

What a giggle and it certainly was worth every cent yesterday morning.  I can't wait until my 6th graders see it tomorrow (snow day here.)

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Better - nuntium ducentesimum octogesimum

Well, it's done.  It will serve as a good back up if I don't get the other one completed.

I pressed it but didn't have time to take a picture.  I'm ready to assemble it but am currently in Cedar Rapids, Iowa to attend an opera- Turnadot!  That sounds pretty posh, doesn't it?  One of my former students is in it, so my good friend and colleague and I have driven here so we can see him in action.

But tonight we are here in an Air BnB and our big plan is to sit and tat together!  Double fun!

Monday, January 15, 2018

wrong side - nuntium ducentesimum undeoctigesimum

I thought "I'll do this in a different order".


Turns out I put the final row on the wrong side!
Maybe I'll finish this week.

Monday, January 8, 2018

Baby bonnet - nuntium ducentesimum duodeoctigesimum

I've been working on a baby bonnet.  I'm trying Karen Cabrera's lovely pattern.  I'm afraid I don't really like size 10.  This is my "backup bonnet".  I have a dear colleague who will be having a baby in May.  Even though I've stopped making such time-intensive items for others, this woman is very special.  Not only is she one of the sweetest people around, she also asked to learn to tat a few years ago.  She hasn't been too active (got married last year) as a tatter, she understands what tatting is and the time involved.  Plus I just wanted to make something special for her.
Here's the start, needed 18 of them.

Very easy but with size 10, the shuttles had to be filled all the time!

Got going and forgot to take a middle picture.
Now still has restarted, so we'll see when this gets done... : )