Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Gone but not forgotten - nuntium centesimum octogesimum septimum

I made this bracelet last winter.  I love it.

Lizbeth, Herbal Garden size 20

 It's my favorite thing I've made to wear so far.  I wore it today and LOST IT.


UPDATE!  One of my students found it today and turned it in!  WAHOO!

Friday, September 18, 2015

Partner in crime - nuntium centesimum octogesimum sextum

Last winter my sister and I participated in a couple craft shows.  She makes lovely earrings and you know what I'm up to.  Here is my half of the joint table.

And here we are together.  She's still a cutie!  I can't remember the last picture we have of us together.
I have more pictures!

This is my daughter's steampunk jewelry which we also sold.


Sunday, September 13, 2015

tealight - nuntium centesimum octogesimum sextum

I'm a little surprised that I didn't post about these last spring when I was making them.  Hmm.

I got this idea from a German blog that I follow by Conny.  Here is her original post from last November.

This is made with Lizbeth Christmas Red, size 20.  I'm hoping to make more for my own home this year.

Here's another in silver, which didn't turn out as well.  Different thread size changed things.

And in a non-tatting note, I spent the afternoon outside on the patio (with a shawl).  Probably the last hurrah for one of my favorite places.