Monday, November 16, 2015

Crazy successful - nuntium centesimum nonagesimum et quintum

The MN snowflakes were a huge hit!  I did the best I've ever done at a craft fair.  I sold them all so I've been tatting between everything I can and even in the car on the way to church (husband driving not me!)  But the tealights?  No go.

Below is a wedding present for a dear friend and his new wife.  They have been married before and really don't need anything so I went with unique instead of practical or expensive.

It's a Robin Perfetti design done in Lizbeth 20, Herbal Garden and Brown

And I loathe sewing edgings on but I figured out the way to do it.  Invisible thread and a sewing machine!  But I had to do it on a sunny day and seriously felt like the tailors in the Emperor's New Clothes waving around with empty needles.  But I was done in about 20 minutes (most of that time spent pinning) and those edgings will NOT fall off even when washed.

How's that!