Monday, September 10, 2018

I do not like it, Sam I am - nuntium trecesimum secundum

Okay, so I am really sold on the Lizbeth Metallic threads.  I'm planning to spend all of my ill-gotten gains on it.  All that is except for the iridescent.


Well, for one it just isn't that iridescent.  It's just barely sparkly.  My students would describe it as "meh".  It's ordinary and not worth the extra cost for that.  My white thread is just as interesting.

And for two, it's terrible to tat with it.  I feel I've given the metallics a fair shake and tried several kinds.  They have been pretty darn good to tat with, not exactly like cotton but enough that I'm willing to shell out the big bucks for more.  But not this one, no way, no how.  It fights the whole time and is hard to close - for me!  Other tatters at TCT this past weekend didn't know what I was talking about!  It's comparable to how black thread is just a bit different from other colors. 

I shall spend it all on more Sand Dollar which might be my favorite.  Or Steel Blue.  Or Sea Foam.  or.. or...

And, Robin- I apologize.  I have tatted this snowflake twice.  Muttered about the four picots on the outer rings and how that just isn't as nice and why would it be an even number.  Until - sitting next to Happy Bluebird, I realized that it's supposed to be 5 picots. Seriously, not until the second snowflake, fifth arm.  Duh- Robin would never do that.  Be sure to check out Robin's actual pattern rather than my feeble version.