Tuesday, November 5, 2019

West Pine's idea - nuntium trecentesimum tricesimum

The craft show went very well although I found myself worrying because I was selling everything!  (Strange but there is another show next month and I'm tatting less because of my hand.)  Then I would get very excited because I was selling everything ($$)!  Silly me!

I saw these bookmarks on West Pine's blog and thought they were wonderful.  And I have a few Christmas-y type charms so I came up with these.

They are Lizbeth Cranberry Blush size 20.  Some of these sold, the blue balls sold, all the white or blue ice snowflakes sold and over 20 of the MN flakes sold!

 And in other projects, here's my sweet, silly, lovable, (not-so-bright) dog learning "come".  We do this in the morning when there are fewer distractions (and the squirrels are still sleeping?).

This is her maximum tolerance before she "comes" by herself.  She's barely sitting and wagging the whole time!

And the right-side pumpkin with the smiling ghosts was mine.  ; )