Saturday, July 21, 2018

Messy flowers - nuntium ducentesimum octogesimum quartum

Here's my last little bit of "panic" tatting.  I have this lovely old  rayon crochet which is super shiny.  I wouldn't use it for anything because it "fights" a it as you tat but I made up these "messy" flowers for barrettes.  Who knows if anyone will like them?  They really go against my grain.  I love symmetry and order (What Latin teacher doesn't?) and this really flies in the face of that.

I'm interested to see if anyone even picks one up!

By the by, thank you for your positive comments- I've been away from blogging so long I wasn't sure anyone would see my posts.  It's so nice to have encouragement (my family does a great job but they're always nice...)