Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Spoiled -nuntium duodeduocesimum sextum

I am so completely spoiled!  Look what my darling husband got me for Christmas!!!

La Cossette shuttles!!!

And in other news, there are 6 or maybe even 7 new tatters in the world!  Two weeks ago, we took our 7th graders on a retreat in the northern part of Minnesota and during the free time, I offered tatting lessons.  Six kids learned and three were very serious about it and kept tatting every free minute, even on the bus home and when we came back to school after the long weekend, one of them had completely emptied her shuttle even.  Yesterday we had "tatting club", and one girl brought her grandma who has always wanted to learn so that makes SEVEN.


Friday, February 19, 2016

Spinning wheel - nuntium duodeduocesimum quintum

Tuesday was an teacher inservice day- I love them because I can tat too!  This one was nice and helpful.  And I got my first ever SPINNING WHEEL glass mat done!  I found I needed 10 yards on one shuttle and 15 on the other.  I'm very pleased with this because it's front side/back side (why I don't know because I don't care) and I did blipless joins.  It was perfect until I realized that in the first row I did 3p3p3 instead of FOUR.  The whole pattern is FOUR- what a knucklehead!
I really wanted to take a picture of this on my computer à la Diane but I ran out of time.

 And because there was a basketball game in the evening, I got to tat even more!

Not so much since.  But tomorrow is Twin Cities Tatters meeting so that will be fun!  and my big daughter will be home from college and will be joining us.  I'm so lucky.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

COLOR! nuntium duodeduocesimum quartum

I've been making lots of snowflakes- white, white, white. Last week I decided to take all the Lizbeth thread out of those nasty, crinkly bags and put them in softer ziploc bags, plus they open more easily. I was delighted by my variegated threads and decided to make heart bookmarks with each one. I did most of them in about 4 days- crazy but my girl is playing basketball so that gives me some time.

This is my little go-to pattern from Vicki Clarke called Simple Heart.  Wish I'd thought to watch this video from Frivole again before doing them though.  Blipless join!!

But Diane's got me thinking about trying the Spinning Wheel glass mat. I don't think I'd do one a week but maybe one by Friday.  Anyone want to join me?  Diane says about 15 yards per shuttle will do it.

Saturday, February 13, 2016

socks on! - nuntium duodeduocesimum tertium

Here are the socks with the edgings sewn on.  I used "invisible" thread and the sewing machine.  It always makes me giggle because it's a bit like the Emperor's New Clothes".  But I got new glasses so that helps significantly.

I didn't sew them all the way around but rather started and then reversed so that it's like a straight line.  Hopefully the recipients will still be able to get them on.

Friday, February 5, 2016

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Something else-nuntium duodeduocesimum primum

I don't knit much anymore but when the darling daughter bats her baby blues and says, "I wish I had more homemade socks", I dutifully go to Michaels and get yarn.  I made the first sock, no problem. But I suffer from "second sock syndrome".   It took me forever to do the other, but finally got it done. They're wonderfully soft.

Getting to to the post office and mail them is always tricky.   Now back to tatting!