Monday, October 6, 2014

nuntium centesimum sexagesimum secundum - I'm sorry, Robin Perfetti

Dear Robin,

You don't know me and probably don't want to.  But i feel it's necessary to apologize for what I have done to your pattern- twice.

Seriously, I can tat better than this.  Maybe I should hold off on the CONE of Lizbeth.

So Robin, I hope you will forgive me and this terrible pun to time, I will make this snowflake (First Snowfall)  PERFETTO.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

nuntium centesimum sexagesimum secundum - Mirabelle

Integrity compels me to say that I found the pattern for the snowflakes in my last post.  Here is the blog, check it out, she has other lovely patterns.

Today, I offer a pattern by Frivole  - Mirabelle.  This is a very pleasing tat and a lovely product.

I'm considering buying a cone of Lizbeth white, size 20.  It would probably last the rest of my lifetime.

Friday, October 3, 2014

nuntium centesimum sexagesimum primum -cute snowflake

Does anyone recognize this pattern?  I swear I tatted it two weeks ago and have NO idea what it is.  (I have now found it here. And she has many other lovely things so check it out!)

And that is my life these days.

On the other hand I got to tat...

Thursday, October 2, 2014

nuntium centesimum sexagesimum - donated thread

Happy Bluebird and I get to tat together once a month along with some others.  We started "Twin Cities Tatters" a number of years ago.  For a few years, we were the only ones but now we have a healthy (free) membership and often have to pull over extra chairs to accommodate everyone.  What a joy it is to have others to help, puzzle with and guide.
Last time, she showed up with some donated threads.  Maybe you are like she is, everyone knows that she tats so when someone passes away, the families think to give it her.  (I hope my stash would end up with someone so kind.)
HB brought some of this thread last time and I saw something I'd never seen.  I'm not a pink gal for the most part but this one grabbed my heart. The variegation is so subtle and lovely.  This one is for a baby girl.
Size 40?  Thread- who knows?

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

nuntium centesimum undesexagesimum - ramblings of a mom/teacher

So, it's been a while and for me, a hard while.

Elder daughter to college- I miss her terribly.  I know this is the next phase in her life but I just want her home.  We visited this past weekend and it was reassuring to see her happy and hale (although I was a little disappointed and pleased to find that she doesn't need me very much.)

School this year this year is hard.  You would think after 29 years of teaching that it would be a piece of cake and much of it is but in addition to teaching two languages- multiple levels, I find myself teaching advanced computers as well.  New and fun but a lot of work.

So there hasn't been much time for tatting but there has been some and one of my young colleagues today asked me if she could pay me to teach her to tat!  I laughed and said I would be happy to teach her!  And not for payment, I decided long ago that this was a gift that my great aunt gave to me and it's my duty to pass it along.  Rose-E, I hope you are smiling- I sure am.

So, here's a bit of what I've done:
The mini-dragon made from Lizbeth Root Beer Float.
 I would love to figure out what I'm doing wrong with this one.  Something about the center ring just doesn't sit right.  On the other hand, my daughter likes it.  The pattern is from inTatters from Lavenderbard.
Cintamani from Jon Yusoff- glorious! Lizbeth Victorian Red
 This one is just pleasing to the eye.  What a glorious pattern.
Mary Konior adapted edging cross- Something weird here
 Somehow this is just too much or overwhelming.  I won't make it again.
Vicki Clarke's wonderful, wonderful Simple Heart- just makes me happy!
These hearts are fun to make, the colors cheery and people seem to love them.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

nuntium centesimum duodesexagesimum - complete!

It's done, unpinned and in its new home- the Quatrain!

Sorry for all the pictures, I couldn't help it!

I smile each time I walk past it.

But now there's a weird bit of project let-down.  Seriously.  Or it could be my daughter going off to college.

Next I'd like to make a bag/reticule.  I've looked and don't see many patterns.  Do you have a favorite one?  I like the style of this one

I've done one of Jon Yusoff's patterns- Cintamani from her book Elegant Tatting Gems, three Vicki Clarke- my favorite heart ever (talk about a comfort tat) and started a mini-dragon from a tatter at "intatters" but I'm ready for another project.

Reticules, anyone?

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

nuntium centesimum quinquagesimum septimum - 61,446 knots!

The Quatrain is finished! I pressed it and it looked good but I wasn't sure.  I thought I should pin it but couldn't figure out what to pin it on.

Thankfully, Fox to the rescue (again!)  She said she used the foam squares that kids played on.  I've got those!  And no one is using them now.

Lots of pins!

I'm excited to see what it looks like after 4 years.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

nuntium centesimum quinquagesimum sextum - almost!

The Quatrain is nearly finished.
Not pressed

Almost done, two more rows, I think
Since then I've done 11 more motifs but had to stop to paint the dining room.
Elder daughter repainted the radiator, isn't it gorgeous?

Now I wish I'd taken before shots!  It's Venetian Plaster and the little chit at Home Depot told me that NO one does this anymore.

Fine by me.  : )  Of course, I'm a Latin teacher so I'm not too bothered by what people don't do anymore.

Okay, no more blogging- back to tatting!

Saturday, July 19, 2014

nuntium centesimum quinquagesimum quintum - This is still a tatting blog

I've really been working on the Quatrain runner.  It's such a wonderful pattern.  I love when the design is so elegant that it lays correctly as you make it!  But progress on a runner made of the same motif over and over makes for dull blogging.
So, on a different note, today was The Neighborhood Block Party(note the capital letters).  This is an extreme event which starts around 3:00pm and goes until midnight.  Every year, we make the same thing- bruschetta.  Here are some pictures of this year's offering.

Yum! I think this is the 19th year. And now- back to the Quatrain.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

nuntium centesimum quinquagesimum quartum - surprise!

Imagine my surprise yesterday when there were two women intently gazing at my front garden.  They had clipboards and were conferring seriously.  My courageous husband (on the scaffolding again) finally asked them what they were doing.


Apparently one of my neighbors or nearby nominated our front garden!  I was SO surprised.  We garden and enjoy it but are rank amateurs for sure.  But I'm thrilled that someone enjoys it enough to nominate us.

Here are some pictures that younger daughter took for me this morning.

And I got three motifs done for the Quatrain last night too!

Monday, July 14, 2014

nuntium centesimum quinquagesimum tertium - sale

We had a little "Art Fair" at the pavilion on the lake.  Here in the Twin Cities there are many lakes and this was the one closest to our home.  It was a gorgeous day with great weather, a lovely venue, live music and good company.  The girls and I shared two tables with my sister too.  Every one left happy if not staggeringly rich.
Here's my part of the display:
The dreamcatchers were NOT the big hit I thought they might be but the little notecards in the front were! Several men commented on the Christmas tree being untimely but the women had no problem with buying snowflakes.
There was a lot of "that's too hard to do" and "My (female relative) tatted".  It's always fun to hear the stories.  Although I'm never quite sure what to say to the "too hard" comment.  One woman was surprised at the variety of things one can make with tatting.  That made me chuckle as I always feel I'm so mundane compared to others.
And one woman told me that her mother (who lives in rural MN) loves to tat and has a collection of shuttles so I directed her to La Cossette for the truly lovely stuff.

Now back to the Quatrain! (And painting the dining room and prepping for the new French textbook and making pizza crusts and redoing the 6th grade curriculum and reading books, and, and, and...)

Thursday, July 10, 2014

nuntium centesimum quinquagesimum secundum- Fox to the rescue!

So, I was worried about that giant feather with the teeny dreamcatchers.  Thank goodness for Fox since I can't think outside the box.  (sheesh, I sound like Dr. Seuss)  She suggested beads!
Ancient thread from Aunt Rose, size 80
And here are two more dreamcatchers as pendants.  I wonder if they'll sell.

Grape Splash and Sea Green DK
And in other news but still crafty, my elder daughter has been making steampunk jewelry.  She's hoping to sell it on Sunday but is unsure if people will like it.  I think it's wonderful!
pendant- less blurry in real life