Sunday, August 10, 2014

nuntium centesimum quinquagesimum sextum - almost!

The Quatrain is nearly finished.
Not pressed

Almost done, two more rows, I think
Since then I've done 11 more motifs but had to stop to paint the dining room.
Elder daughter repainted the radiator, isn't it gorgeous?

Now I wish I'd taken before shots!  It's Venetian Plaster and the little chit at Home Depot told me that NO one does this anymore.

Fine by me.  : )  Of course, I'm a Latin teacher so I'm not too bothered by what people don't do anymore.

Okay, no more blogging- back to tatting!


  1. I am afraid of your clock! Don’t worry - I was phobic about the one my parents and also the one my grandparents had! : )) Love the room though .

    1. Ah but did your clock also have little dancers on the balcony? This was my grandparents and the cuckoo scared me but the dancers saved the day!

  2. It all looks wonderful! The quatrain runner is really looking stunning!!!

  3. Wow, your tatting looks fabulous. Dining room looks good too.

  4. The runner looks beautiful.
    It does not matter what other people do, you are not a sheep that goes ba ba, I get sick of being told what other people do, you are unique so why not have something different, well done.

  5. Love the purple just fantastic! And the house very nice has a good feeling to the pictures.

  6. Looks great! (the quatrain and the room) It doesn't matter what other people do---it only matters what YOU want to do

  7. The runner looks good. The room looks good, too. I called my husband over to look at the pictures. We're redoing our bedroom and trying to get ideas. WE think the room looks great! :-)


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