Thursday, October 29, 2015

Not so complex - nuntium centesimum nonagesimum et tertium

I'm going to persist with the tealights for at least the next show.  I think they look great and they just aren't that hard to make.  It's a simple motif and then I just put the tealight "through" it.

Plus I get to do split chains.  I love them!

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Results - nuntium centesimum nonagesimum et secundum

The craft fair- not the success I'd hoped.  I was SO sure the tealights would be a hit and while there were many, many comments, not a one sold.  But the MN snowflakes all sold.  So I've been looking for small flakes.  Here are these little cuties from Muskaan, called Hexagonal Motif.
And two of Elizabeth Zipay's Tiny Snowflake.  I've been trying Frivole's technique for thrown rings and I really like the result!

One of my colleagues came in with this last week.  It's the greatest thing ever!  Ever.
I don't like lanyards.  I can't handle all that stuff around my neck.  It makes me tired and I constantly bang the keys on things and I find I don't want to wear a necklace because it's too much.  So I don't.  My friend found this "hand"yard and it's perfect!  I am ridiculously happy with it.

Friday, October 23, 2015

Little snowflakes - - nuntium centesimum nonagesimum et unum

Tomorrow is the craft fair- strangely I am more excited than usual for this one.  As I was making snowflakes, I would wind too much thread so I made a few of Decoromana's snowflakes.  I love this little pattern and it's a quick tat.  (I don't know why the pattern isn't available on her Etsy site right now, it looks like nothing is.  It's too bad because it's so cute.)

I was trying to figure out how I could sell them. In light of the bigger, more elaborate flakes, it didn't seem right to charge the same.  So here's what I came up with:

Maybe people will mail them to friends?

This is a Patti Duff pattern- I only made the one.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Almost ready! - nuntium centesimum nonagesimum

This weekend, there's a craft fair that my sister and I are doing.  It's a bit different- card tables instead of the longer ones but it's pretty well advertised so I'm hopeful and for us, it's the first of the the "season".
My sister has my "stock"  but I've been working a bit to add to it- here's what I've got.
I'm very excited about those little tealights.  I hope they're a hit.

Monday, October 19, 2015

Snowdrop test tat - nuntium centesimum undenonagesimum

I was one of the lucky ones who was able to test tat Frivole's gorgeous "Snowdrop" which is her snowflake pattern of the year.  If you have never tatted a Frivole pattern, this is a great one.  You need only know rings and chains.  I find her patterns so pleasing to do, they always lie well and there's no wrenching, twisting or forcing the item into shape once finished.

If you check out Frivole's blog today, she's having a giveaway of this pattern, otherwise it will be available in her Etsy store, La Cossette.

That said, I did my snowflake with size 30 instead of 20 (I was out of town and didn't have my supplies with me).  I still like it and you can still see the hexagonal center.  I even used my picot gauge!

I didn't pin the outer picots due to sheer laziness.  That said, younger daughter's eyes got HUGE when she saw the snowflake and the word "mine!" came right out of her lovely mouth.  She has tough standards and doesn't go much for tatting so that tells me a lot.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Not a coaster - - nuntium centesimum duodenonagesimum

I made this motif for a coaster for my friend.  I thought it was from "New Tatting" but this motif doesn't seem to be in there although there are some that are similar.
It's Lizbeth size 20, ecru and something

Could this be why it wasn't the size it was supposed to be and why the center didn't work?  Did I combine two designs inadvertently?  Only to discover it two months later?

I'm starting to wonder about myself...