Monday, October 19, 2015

Snowdrop test tat - nuntium centesimum undenonagesimum

I was one of the lucky ones who was able to test tat Frivole's gorgeous "Snowdrop" which is her snowflake pattern of the year.  If you have never tatted a Frivole pattern, this is a great one.  You need only know rings and chains.  I find her patterns so pleasing to do, they always lie well and there's no wrenching, twisting or forcing the item into shape once finished.

If you check out Frivole's blog today, she's having a giveaway of this pattern, otherwise it will be available in her Etsy store, La Cossette.

That said, I did my snowflake with size 30 instead of 20 (I was out of town and didn't have my supplies with me).  I still like it and you can still see the hexagonal center.  I even used my picot gauge!

I didn't pin the outer picots due to sheer laziness.  That said, younger daughter's eyes got HUGE when she saw the snowflake and the word "mine!" came right out of her lovely mouth.  She has tough standards and doesn't go much for tatting so that tells me a lot.


  1. Looks great and I love the long picots you placed, just wonderful!

  2. It looks beautiful in the size 30! I need to re-tat this one to try and get my chains tighter. It was a fun tat!

  3. Gorgeous no matter the size, I think!

  4. It's a beautiful snowflake, your daughter knows a good thing when she sees it, I wonder if it might encourage her to tat one day!

  5. Really nice! It's a lovely design...looking forward to playing with it when I am over my current leaf fixation :-) Yours is beautiful! I like the look with the picots not pinned too!


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