Saturday, October 3, 2015

Not a coaster - - nuntium centesimum duodenonagesimum

I made this motif for a coaster for my friend.  I thought it was from "New Tatting" but this motif doesn't seem to be in there although there are some that are similar.
It's Lizbeth size 20, ecru and something

Could this be why it wasn't the size it was supposed to be and why the center didn't work?  Did I combine two designs inadvertently?  Only to discover it two months later?

I'm starting to wonder about myself...


  1. You've made me chuckle! If you have inadvertently combined two designs, you've done a very nice job of it!

  2. You can't be losing it yet? It's possible you started one and then went back and turned the page to what you thought was the one you were tatting, Anyway whatever it looks good.

  3. Indeed, your boo-boos look better than my intended motifs! If this is "loosing it", I want some too, please. ;-)


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