Tuesday, June 10, 2014

nuntium centesimum quadrigesimum septimum / tatting too early

Well now. There's my daughter graduated from high school!  I'm a little funny about pictures of my darlings on the internet so you won't see but trust me, she was lovely and we're so proud.
We had the grad party on Saturday- yes, the only day for about 10 that wasn't sunny and lovely.  In fact, it poured buckets in the morning and showers most of the rest of the day.  My wonderful husband thoughtfully had ordered a large tent so we stayed mostly dry.  Instead of lunch, we had a "dessert party" with ice cream sundaes, more treats with chocolate and a even a chocolate fountain.  (Note to all:  chocolate fountains even though they have heating elements cannot keep up with outside temperatures of 55.  We had a solid chocolate sculpture and most people just ate the sliced fruit happily.  The previous day it had been 80 degrees.  Ah, the vagaries of Minnesota!)

But yes, there has been tatting!  I'm about 50% done with the Quatrain but it's been so long, I can't remember how to change the widget on the blog to reflect that!  No picture, next time.

The title of this post is "tatting too early".  This is because I have a tendency to tat up to the very last minute something is needed for a gift.  It's embarrassing because I'm not really a last minute girl most of the time.  However tatting is my hobby (okay, my life's blood but don't tell.) and other things have to come first or NOTHING would get done.  Our little niece and godchild (one of 17 nieces and nephews on that side) was to be having her first communion and I wanted to make one of those beautiful headpieces like I've seen on many eastern European blogs.  I started the day after Christmas and worked like a fiend- every spare moment.  I was determined to not be doing this in the car on the way.  I even posted a bit in March about it and was really on track.  I finished it in early April but typically stalled about getting it in the mail but my husband rescued me and we sent it in late April.

No response.

May came and still no response.

I started to get uppity and miffed that this little ingrate would not even say she got it.  harumph.

And then the sweetest card came. She was so kind in her little crayon scrawl and gently told us that she would be glad to wear it NEXT YEAR when she has her First Communion.  So, my first early project was, well, quite early!  Ha-ha!

sewing on the flowers

making the trails- wow- hard stuff!

painfully slow

finished- note there is only one with pearls!

pearls in the centers, not tatted in but sewn in when attaching

daughter #2 is the model