Monday, July 10, 2017

Not as enthusiastic crocheting... - nuntium duocentesimum sexagesimum septimum

I can crochet. Really, I can.  Though I don't like it much and with size 80, I'm a disaster.  Fortunately the recipient isn't a crocheter (I hope).
Another side and some to go... ugh.

Then I can tat again!  And I saw a video from Tatman about how to do Maltese rings which I have never understood but now am dying to do.  Patterns anyone?

The lion continues his adventures...
We went to the Barber Institute for the induction of the loan of Monet's Water Lily Pond from the Chicago's Art Institute (Saw it there too.)  We went to the Barber last year too and I fell in love with it.

We made a beautiful headboard for our third friend who arrived today:
The lion was no help.
This was my first job with upholstery and we had to figure out the new sewing machine which wasn't complicated but the manual truly is.  Youtube to the rescue!

We had champagne on the terrace:
Oh my!
And this little treasure for dinner:
New to me- wow!

I am so completely spoiled!!!

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Overenthusiastic tatting - nuntium duocentesimum sexagesimum sextum

I tatted on the airplane.  Tricky though as there's no real place to lay things out.  And certainly no iron.

Too much by one.  I shall have to cut and splice.  sigh.  And now the crocheting on.  Double sigh.

England is lovely and cool, back home they are roasting, poor things.  In sympathy, the Italians have arranged really hot weather for our visit next week.  : )

Here's a funny picture I sent my daughters today:
What's this all about, you ask?  I don't know how it started but this silly little plastic lion has been handed off between us for about a year.  He's been in the bathroom cupboard, slipped under doors, hidden in my tatting bag, tucked in among croissants and then the recipient must "pass him along".  Since my daughter tucked him in purse as I was leaving, I can't give him back so I've been tormenting them with pictures.

Monday, July 3, 2017

Edging - - nuntium duocentesimum sexagesimum quintum

Here's the edging so far:
I don't think the blue is quite that vibrant but maybe.  I don't know if I'll finish before Wednesday.

My daughter and I are making a Steampunk outfit for her to wear when she goes to art/craft fairs for her lovely steampunk wearable art.  She has a show on July 15 (I usually join her and my sister but I'll be in Italy there- poor me) which means we have to finish before Wednesday too.  We started Saturday, finally got everything cut out yesterday, there are over 25 pieces plus some are repeated for interfacing and lining.  Today we start sewing.  We're planning to stay at it until dark- the fabric is a deep brown and unfortunately at night, there just isn't enough light for me to do it.  Hopefully tomorrow we will have the outfit to show off.