Monday, May 25, 2015

One, two.... - nuntium centesimum sexagesimum septuagesimum

One of my best friends had her birthday on Saturday.  When I asked her what she'd like for her birthday (she's not the kind to spoil herself), she said, "Well, I've always loved your tatting.".  I was SO surprised. I don't know why but most of the time I don't think of my friends and tatting.  No good reason, I suppose it just seems so ordinary to me.

So I puzzled and thought and thought and puzzled.  She's not really a doily girl and she has a kindle.  So, what to do?  We got together as TwinCities Tatters last weekend and Happy Bluebird brought a book to lend to me.  It's New Tatting by Tomoko Morimoto and I found the loveliest coasters inside.  PERFECT!  I've been working all week but school is pretty hectic right now so have only managed two.  More to come though.

Then my elder daughter, the one who tats noticed that I did the two centers differently!


Saturday, May 23, 2015

Not tatting today - nuntium centesimum sexagesimum undeseptuagesimum

One of our nieces is having her graduation party today.  I found something similar to this on Pinterest and thought it was a clever idea.

The main container is a starter "tool-kit" with screwdriver, hammer, pliers, screws, nails etc.  Then I added some other things like duct tape, surge protector,  packaging tape, multiple outlet/usb charger, bandaids, poster putty, crazy glue, a mag light and a little thing of Famous Amos cookies.  Pretty spendy but she is our niece.  I just didn't want to give cash which though most practical isn't my thing for presents.

And I managed to squeeze in a little tatting this week although it's been a hectic one.  The last few weeks of school are CRAZY.
Vicki Clarke's simple heart in Blue River Glades and Wildflower Garden

I'm working on a birthday present for a dear friend who told me she loves my tatting (who knew?) so more about that soon.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

The new big project -nuntium centesimum sexagesimum duodeseptuagesimum

After I completed the Quatrain, it was wonderful- light, free relaxing.  Nothing to finish.  I made crosses and snowflakes and goofed around.  Then I floundered.  Should I made Renulek's doily?  Should I make something from one of the hundreds of books?  And still I floundered.  Then I saw it- the shawl.  On a blog I couldn't read.  With no pattern only a length and width.

Well, why not?  I had all this strange Romanian thread which was given to me by the kindest lady.  It wasn't white, wasn't a color, has a strange slight elasticity to it so why not just leap into something new?

So I did.  And I've been working on the mail part since January.  Here's a photo:

Well, then I started this blog post and I thought- I'll show the original link so people can see where I'm going with this.  And in an epic knucklehead move, I didn't bookmark the link, I didn't pin it on pinterest, I didn't download the picture to my computer, I didn't do a screenshot or anything else.  (All of these I would usually do in my usual brilliant overkill style.)  The original blog was Hungarian or Polish- I don't even remember that- as if I could do a search in either of those languages since I don't know what the original said.
I do remember the original blog had other things than just tatting and that the blogger wasn't a prolific poster, that's all.  I even went through the 377 blogs that I follow (okay not the technology, Latin or archeology ones) in hopes of finding it.

The final product ought to be interesting.  Tee hee.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Mother's Day -nuntium centesimum sexagesimum septimum

Look what my younger daughter did for Mother's Day!

Look carefully you might see the completed Quatrain!

She decorated our whole bedroom and brought in fresh lilacs- the whole room smelled divine!

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

On another note --nuntium centesimum sexagesimum sextum

Every year we take one day out to do exploratory learning with our students.  I love this day although it's a lot of work.  This year I did a session of tatting- six kids and they all got the flip!  Pizza dough throwing (I just supervised- I have NO idea but it sure was fun), knitting and a session of how to make sock creatures.

Imagine 10 12-year olds with needles and thread.  Most of them had never held a needle before or knew how to tie a knot!  Oh boy, but we had fun.
To teach the knitting, I always start with 20 stitches cast on for them.  Teach them the knitting first, then after they get used to holding needles and yarn, then the casting on.
Interestingly not as many actually got how to knit.  Two of them bailed and went back to tatting.
I had two kids with me all day for all four sessions.  Others who did three and others two.  Very fun day.  Another reason to love teaching middle schoolers.

Monday, May 11, 2015

too many goodbyes -nuntium centesimum sexagesimum quintum

All Lizbeth, size 20 mostly Birgit's peacock heart, pattern here.

I never thought about the fact that as I get older so do my colleagues.  They are retiring and leaving so here are  little gift sfor them.  I have completely taken this idea from Ellen Lai whose blog is here.  I hope she believes in "imitation is the sincerest form of flattery". (yikes!)

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Knotty Cross - nuntium centesimum sexagesimum quartum

I think it will be a while for the cards.  Even though my YD has agreed to cut apart the flowers, I said the deadline is July so it could be a while!  On the other hand, she's like me and loves to finish things on her list so it could be sooner.

I love Wanda's blog.  I love the clever title, I love her positive attitude and the lovely quotes she includes with each post.  Oh, and the tatting.  : )  She makes her own patterns and generously shares them.  Recently she posted this cross.  I really liked it and needed a break from my "big project" so I asked if I could try it from the picture as she hadn't had time to write it up.  Not only did she give me permission but even a quick stitch count.

Here's try #1:

Lizbeth Grape Splash and White size 20
That just doesn't seem to do Wanda's justice.  So I tried again thinking that Catherine Wheel joins would make that circle smoother.  It did- it was beautiful!  In fact I was so caught up in it I made the whole circle and then realized I'd forgotten the arms of the cross!  Duh.

So I went around again, this time with the arms.  It's not as nice as Wanda's but I won't throw it away.  Some poor senior will get it in a graduation card- tee hee.

Lizbeth White and some color I can't remember.  Sheesh, it wasn't two weeks ago!
Two days, two posts.  I think I'll go pat myself on my back. <snort>
ut valeatis,

Saturday, May 9, 2015

a cumulus of flowers - nuntium centesimum sexagesimum tertium

I think I shall jump back into blogging without apology or self-recriminations.  Will that work?

I've been tatting all along, reading blogs and enjoying them immensely.  I've recently conned my younger daughter into helping me so here's what I've got for her.
size 80, various colors of Majestic thread- luscious to work with
(Wait I forgot! The yellow is some vintage nightmare...)
They will end up on little notecards which I hope to sell in July.  I'm always surprised when they sell and surprised when they don't sell.  These are a family project, my mom agrees to draw the stems/leaves and YD will cut all those flowers apart!  Then I glue and glue until my fingertips are twice their usual size.

Short but sweet- ha!