Sunday, May 10, 2015

Knotty Cross - nuntium centesimum sexagesimum quartum

I think it will be a while for the cards.  Even though my YD has agreed to cut apart the flowers, I said the deadline is July so it could be a while!  On the other hand, she's like me and loves to finish things on her list so it could be sooner.

I love Wanda's blog.  I love the clever title, I love her positive attitude and the lovely quotes she includes with each post.  Oh, and the tatting.  : )  She makes her own patterns and generously shares them.  Recently she posted this cross.  I really liked it and needed a break from my "big project" so I asked if I could try it from the picture as she hadn't had time to write it up.  Not only did she give me permission but even a quick stitch count.

Here's try #1:

Lizbeth Grape Splash and White size 20
That just doesn't seem to do Wanda's justice.  So I tried again thinking that Catherine Wheel joins would make that circle smoother.  It did- it was beautiful!  In fact I was so caught up in it I made the whole circle and then realized I'd forgotten the arms of the cross!  Duh.

So I went around again, this time with the arms.  It's not as nice as Wanda's but I won't throw it away.  Some poor senior will get it in a graduation card- tee hee.

Lizbeth White and some color I can't remember.  Sheesh, it wasn't two weeks ago!
Two days, two posts.  I think I'll go pat myself on my back. <snort>
ut valeatis,


  1. Nicely done! Nice save on the second one. The second circle in the center definitely works, and the extra rings change it up and fill in the space very well. I like it. I might see if I can incorporate that when I make it again. I was just thinking about you today and wondering how you were doing on it. Obviously very well! :-) Thank you!

  2. Another beautiful cross! I'm sure the senior who receives it will be thrilled!

  3. (Hope this isn't a duplicate comment. Had to enter it twice!)

    I'm pleased to see that Wanda loves the second cross, with the added 'design' element. It's an excellent design also! 'Mistakes' can be helpful!

    Thanks for visiting my blog! You must have a large monitor to see the 'beads' I put into the 'rose' motif. However what you are seeing are tiny brass 'brads', which are found in scrapbook supplies. I used four of them to attach the motif to the velvet paper, as I'm too lazy to sew the motif down, and don't always like to use glue! The velvet paper is then attached (usually with 'super sticky' double-sided craft tape) to a flat metallic pendant to give it weight. I look for metallic pendants that have a loop at the top for a jump ring, and they're not always easy to find!

  4. They turned out great - especially that second one :)
    Wanda is such a great designer!


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