Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Mother's Day -nuntium centesimum sexagesimum septimum

Look what my younger daughter did for Mother's Day!

Look carefully you might see the completed Quatrain!

She decorated our whole bedroom and brought in fresh lilacs- the whole room smelled divine!


  1. How wonderful! I love the smell of lilacs. Sadly, we had non this year. Dave thinks he might have waited too long to trim back our lilac bush this year. We'll just have to wait for the honeysuckle and roses to sweeten the air.

  2. Such a wonderful fragrance! I adore lilacs and many yea so ago had bushes in the garden. I have always brought great bunches of lilacs into my home, even after a friend was horrified to see them there.

    The first time she saw them she told me it was very bad luck to bring them inside! I still don't believe this and I still bring them inside! No problemo. Where do you suppose this old wive's tale originated? : 0

    1. I think it was from old wives who wanted their loveliness outside and didn't want the neighbors stealing blooms! : )

  3. I don't have a lilac in my garden, but I have never brought them inside as its bad luck so I have been taught, the fragrance is lovely.
    Your home must have smelt and looked lovely.
    Mother's Day in the UK is in March, so we never had many flowers to give to our mothers apart from daffs and spring flowers from the florist


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