Saturday, May 23, 2015

Not tatting today - nuntium centesimum sexagesimum undeseptuagesimum

One of our nieces is having her graduation party today.  I found something similar to this on Pinterest and thought it was a clever idea.

The main container is a starter "tool-kit" with screwdriver, hammer, pliers, screws, nails etc.  Then I added some other things like duct tape, surge protector,  packaging tape, multiple outlet/usb charger, bandaids, poster putty, crazy glue, a mag light and a little thing of Famous Amos cookies.  Pretty spendy but she is our niece.  I just didn't want to give cash which though most practical isn't my thing for presents.

And I managed to squeeze in a little tatting this week although it's been a hectic one.  The last few weeks of school are CRAZY.
Vicki Clarke's simple heart in Blue River Glades and Wildflower Garden

I'm working on a birthday present for a dear friend who told me she loves my tatting (who knew?) so more about that soon.


  1. I prefer giving gifts, even though I know cash is appreciated. I like the combination of goodies you've included! I always enjoy seeing your bookmarks. You finish them so nicely!

  2. Great present! I agree, I don't like giving cash either. It wouldn't have the thought in it that your gift has.

  3. Great idea for a present. And your heart bookmarks always look wonderful.

  4. A lot of thought has gone into that present - a great idea.
    Oh those bookmarks look great, tempted to make one myself now!


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