Saturday, May 9, 2015

a cumulus of flowers - nuntium centesimum sexagesimum tertium

I think I shall jump back into blogging without apology or self-recriminations.  Will that work?

I've been tatting all along, reading blogs and enjoying them immensely.  I've recently conned my younger daughter into helping me so here's what I've got for her.
size 80, various colors of Majestic thread- luscious to work with
(Wait I forgot! The yellow is some vintage nightmare...)
They will end up on little notecards which I hope to sell in July.  I'm always surprised when they sell and surprised when they don't sell.  These are a family project, my mom agrees to draw the stems/leaves and YD will cut all those flowers apart!  Then I glue and glue until my fingertips are twice their usual size.

Short but sweet- ha!


  1. Wonderful to see! I stepped away from posting on my blog too, don't know why either.

  2. It's amazing how cute those little flowers can look on a card. You never know for sure what's going to sell and what's not from one show to the next. I think it's something in the air, or maybe the water....

  3. Works fine - it's your blog, you don't have to apologise. I hope you'll show us the finished cards, the bright piles of tatted flowers are lovely.

  4. No apologies necessary... I know there are times when I don't feel like blogging, but being a creature of habit, I know that if I go too long without blogging, I will never return to it. There are days when I feel like I have nothing to say, and other days when I don't have the patience for working on the computer.

    I wish you luck with your note card sales! I've been thinking of doing the same thing, but have no idea how much to charge.

    1. A package of three cards tied with a pretty ribbon goes for $5 and it seems to work. Well sometimes...

  5. Oh my God! How many tatted-flowers! They look amazing :) I'm looking forward to the final product!

  6. Being in MN, you could simply say you have just thawed out!
    Love the mass of colors! I'd love to see a card also.

  7. I am apparently waaaaay behinfpd in blog reading. (AND blogging, ha!)


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