Thursday, June 29, 2017

DAISY round seven - - nuntium duocentesimum sexagesimum quartum

Somehow I was able to whip right through round seven of DAISY.
And the thread didn't break for me at all.  I did have one ring that was a bit tough to close but I undid the ring until I found the issue and then didn't tat that stitch as tightly.  No problem closing then.  My daughter has a pretty elaborate round again so it could be a while...

I'm working on the hanky, I'm hopeful that I will get it done before I leave.  I'll take a picture tomorrow (just to have something to post.)

My goal of completing one (or more) school item per day has been working.  We'll see if I can keep it up in England too.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

DAISY round six - nuntium duocentesimum sexagesimum tertium

Here we are with round six of DAISY.  It is such a pleasure to tat.  I'm loving the colors but I'm not sure where we will put it.  Most of the wood in the house is dark which does not show off herbal garden well and the ecru is the problem for the other surfaces.  And poor daughter really had difficulty with the herbal garden breaking.  I'm still not sure about round three but I guess we're stuck.

My dear friend's son is getting married in mid-July and I found out there is no "something blue" yet so I'm going to make a hanky.  I saw somewhere  (maybe Frivole?) how to make a corner with a mirror so I tried it.  It just so happens that there was an overhead projector in the "to be thrown" pile when I was at school so I found a mirror there!
4 hours at school yesterday myself, 2 more from my daughter who joined me and my colleague also worked for 2.5.  Daughter packed all the books neatly in boxes and even sorted them to some degree. We got the room completely packed in boxes or moved (some things just don't fit in boxes!) so now the repairs can begin without me panicking.  I might even get new carpet!

Next week England and Italy and after that the TwinCities Tatters retreat!  I am a lucky girl!

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

DAISY round five

Here's round five- seems to be going well.
I've been trying to keep up with snowflakes.  (This is in case my sister is reading this- whenever she sees me, she insists that I keep going on them!  )

And in other news...
I spent the day at school yesterday planning out 7th grade advisory time for the year.  We do this every year.  Because we had some problems with leaking (big problems).   I went up to check on my room and  was pretty bummed about my classroom as there was a lot of water damage.  They cut the bottom portion of the sheetrock out 4 of the walls and will patch and then rerepaint.  The school had professionals come in and box stuff up so it could be moved (from cabinets).  Then someone else emptied my bookshelves into this empty and moved cabinet.  Somehow my column (which was in the cabinet for safety during the summer) got broken.  I'm so bummed, it will take me hours to sort everything again.  That's not counting getting another column and repainting it.  And no one called me to ask if I wanted to empty things out (I would have happily since I'm very organized and have things in certain places.


Thursday, June 22, 2017

DAISY round four - - nuntium duocentesimum sexagesimum primum

Here's round four of Renulek's DAISY.
She did a great job but we're starting to wonder if she tats more tightly than I do.  (Is that possible?)

Here are more graduation crosses.  Almost done with grad parties for this season....

And lastly, two efforts from the photography course.

Now it's my turn for round five- I confess it's considerably easier that hers was.  Shhhh.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

DAISY- round three - - nuntium duocentesimum sexagesimum

I forgot to take a picture of round two.
She's working on round three.  I got the easy one!  It's fun talking about our color choices together.

We're also doing an online photography class together.  It's not free but we have learned so much- plus it's fun to do it with her.
Here's my effort from yesterday.  I'm pleased with how you can see the stitches and the shadows below.

Saturday, June 10, 2017

A new adventure DAISY - nuntium duocentesimum undesexagesimum

My elder daughter who has been tatting for several years now proposed that we have tatting dates this summer and somehow that morphed into...

We are going to tat Renulek's DAISY together!  We're going to take turns on the rounds, doesn't that sound fun?
Four hands, four Frivole shuttles, two balls of thread (better get more) and one doily.

Here's round 1- anyone want to join us in the adventure?

We met up with another tatter (my colleague from school whom I taught to tat 4-5 years ago) on Friday.  Since we're both kind of hopeless with color ideas, we stole her color scheme for the doily she's been making  :)  Gracious as ever, she just smiled and encouraged us on.

I want to do a second doily so we both have something to do while the other is working but I'm sure we'll find something to do... ICE DROPS!
I still don't know what to do with these.  

Adventure awaits....

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

School is done! -nuntium duocentesimum duodesexagesimum

School is over for the year!  It's been a busy and hard year so coming to a stop is abrupt and moderately confusing.  Whatever will I do today?

-Celebrate my daughter's 21st birthday - really?  How did that happen? (But she's sick with a fever in the other room)
-Write a post for my blog- wahoo!
-Bake the nearly famous and much loved Banana cake with chocolate frosting birthday cake
-Walk the dog for a long way.

What a great list!

Here's what happened three weeks ago.  Prom.  The younger daughter just finished her junior year and she is "into" high school.  She enjoys it all and is an amazing student too.  She bought her prom dress in February because she found it when we were looking for a Sno-daze dress.  My budget wasn't going to do two dresses.  Back to Prom.  She decided that I would be doing her hair.  Oh my.  I can braid but really that's the limit.  "Maman, we'll just watch videos".  (Oh boy, such confidence)  The theme for the prom was "masquerade" so I was all set to make a mask.  She didn't want one- "No one will be wearing a mask, Maman- that's just the name."  Do you hear the 17-year old scorn in that?  But she was open to flowers for her hair so I made them.
in process
Then my dear husband accidentally threw them away!  We often have a chocolate bar together and half goes in the glass dish and half stays in the wrapper.  I usually put my thread "crumbs" in the dish and he sweetly picks it up and throws it away.  He didn't see the flowers and pins.  Two days later I was working on the mask (because I'm stubborn that way) and wen looking for the pearls.  No dish.  No where.  We all looked- everywhere.  Even the poor dog looked.  Finally daughter 2 realized and we dove into the trash which only had 3 days of coffee grounds, egg shells and arugula in it.  EW.  Fortunately tatting is very durable and we washed them off and were back to the races.

Then came Prom, now I had to do something with those flowers.  Yikes!  2 hours, four hands and four attempts later, here's what we got.

It turned out all right.  She was pleased.  ; )

The mask never did get done but here was the start.

It matched the dress perfectly.  Well, it would have.  Turns out she was right though- only two worn masks and they were fun.

Off to my fun, fun day!