Wednesday, June 28, 2017

DAISY round six - nuntium duocentesimum sexagesimum tertium

Here we are with round six of DAISY.  It is such a pleasure to tat.  I'm loving the colors but I'm not sure where we will put it.  Most of the wood in the house is dark which does not show off herbal garden well and the ecru is the problem for the other surfaces.  And poor daughter really had difficulty with the herbal garden breaking.  I'm still not sure about round three but I guess we're stuck.

My dear friend's son is getting married in mid-July and I found out there is no "something blue" yet so I'm going to make a hanky.  I saw somewhere  (maybe Frivole?) how to make a corner with a mirror so I tried it.  It just so happens that there was an overhead projector in the "to be thrown" pile when I was at school so I found a mirror there!
4 hours at school yesterday myself, 2 more from my daughter who joined me and my colleague also worked for 2.5.  Daughter packed all the books neatly in boxes and even sorted them to some degree. We got the room completely packed in boxes or moved (some things just don't fit in boxes!) so now the repairs can begin without me panicking.  I might even get new carpet!

Next week England and Italy and after that the TwinCities Tatters retreat!  I am a lucky girl!


  1. The doily is so attractive. Very classic tatting.

    Somehow you're going to finish a hanky and also do some major traveling before the wedding? Pretty impressive! However, I'm quite envious. I always enjoy hearing about your travels!

  2. This round is Beautiful & looks perfect in this colour !

  3. The doily looks wonderful! If the colors aren't right for your furniture, what about framing it? It would make a wonderful statement about tatting!

    I hope you have a wonderful trip! I"m sure you'll have plenty to tell us at the tatting retreat!

  4. Bon Voyage! Daisy is looking wonderful. I'm glad you're now happier with preparations for the repairs.

  5. So are you going to take Daisy with you on your travels? I like the colours very much. Hope you have a great time travelling around Europe, look forward to seeing some pictures


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