Tuesday, June 27, 2017

DAISY round five

Here's round five- seems to be going well.
I've been trying to keep up with snowflakes.  (This is in case my sister is reading this- whenever she sees me, she insists that I keep going on them!  )

And in other news...
I spent the day at school yesterday planning out 7th grade advisory time for the year.  We do this every year.  Because we had some problems with leaking (big problems).   I went up to check on my room and  was pretty bummed about my classroom as there was a lot of water damage.  They cut the bottom portion of the sheetrock out 4 of the walls and will patch and then rerepaint.  The school had professionals come in and box stuff up so it could be moved (from cabinets).  Then someone else emptied my bookshelves into this empty and moved cabinet.  Somehow my column (which was in the cabinet for safety during the summer) got broken.  I'm so bummed, it will take me hours to sort everything again.  That's not counting getting another column and repainting it.  And no one called me to ask if I wanted to empty things out (I would have happily since I'm very organized and have things in certain places.



  1. The doily is so beautiful!!! :)
    The snowflakes are fantastic!!! :)
    Sorry you had to have your stuff all messed up!! Hope things are better!!

  2. Daisy is looking great! The cupboard not so much. Seems very bad manners to me to box up someone else's things, let alone break things. I hope that the leak gets sorted at any rate.

  3. Beautiful doily, lovely snowflakes
    Hope you can get everything sorted, I hate people moving my stuff about and messing things up.


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