Wednesday, June 7, 2017

School is done! -nuntium duocentesimum duodesexagesimum

School is over for the year!  It's been a busy and hard year so coming to a stop is abrupt and moderately confusing.  Whatever will I do today?

-Celebrate my daughter's 21st birthday - really?  How did that happen? (But she's sick with a fever in the other room)
-Write a post for my blog- wahoo!
-Bake the nearly famous and much loved Banana cake with chocolate frosting birthday cake
-Walk the dog for a long way.

What a great list!

Here's what happened three weeks ago.  Prom.  The younger daughter just finished her junior year and she is "into" high school.  She enjoys it all and is an amazing student too.  She bought her prom dress in February because she found it when we were looking for a Sno-daze dress.  My budget wasn't going to do two dresses.  Back to Prom.  She decided that I would be doing her hair.  Oh my.  I can braid but really that's the limit.  "Maman, we'll just watch videos".  (Oh boy, such confidence)  The theme for the prom was "masquerade" so I was all set to make a mask.  She didn't want one- "No one will be wearing a mask, Maman- that's just the name."  Do you hear the 17-year old scorn in that?  But she was open to flowers for her hair so I made them.
in process
Then my dear husband accidentally threw them away!  We often have a chocolate bar together and half goes in the glass dish and half stays in the wrapper.  I usually put my thread "crumbs" in the dish and he sweetly picks it up and throws it away.  He didn't see the flowers and pins.  Two days later I was working on the mask (because I'm stubborn that way) and wen looking for the pearls.  No dish.  No where.  We all looked- everywhere.  Even the poor dog looked.  Finally daughter 2 realized and we dove into the trash which only had 3 days of coffee grounds, egg shells and arugula in it.  EW.  Fortunately tatting is very durable and we washed them off and were back to the races.

Then came Prom, now I had to do something with those flowers.  Yikes!  2 hours, four hands and four attempts later, here's what we got.

It turned out all right.  She was pleased.  ; )

The mask never did get done but here was the start.

It matched the dress perfectly.  Well, it would have.  Turns out she was right though- only two worn masks and they were fun.

Off to my fun, fun day!


  1. I am glad you found the flowers in the end and everything turn out ok, the hair looks brilliant well done, it will be wedding hair do's next.
    Our schools don't break up until nearly end of July, Then it's six weeks of them being a pain to everyone, and not knowing what to do with themselves,
    Enjoy your rest I look forward to more blogging and tatting.

  2. Oh how wonderful to hear the pre-prom story, it felt like I was actually there, 'a fly on the wall' - children are so so funny, aggravating but lovely and your daughters hair looked amazing. Any chance of seeing the dress? Hope you have a restful and enjoyable break from school.

    1. : ) Send me your email and I'll send you pictures. I'm goofy about never posting pictures of the girls on the internet.

  3. Enjoy the break from school! Love the story about the flowers, I'm glad you were able to rescue them and use them to such good effect, well done to you!

    1. Another testament to the durability of tatting!

  4. The hair is beautiful! She must have looked stunning in the dress with her hair flowers matching the dress.

  5. I remember days like that it rings so familiar love happy endings

  6. Sweet flowers and the hair is stunning(want to come do mine?)!!!! :)
    I hope your daughter is feeling better soon especially for her birthday!!
    Looks like that mask is going to be fabulous even if it wasn't used this time maybe another time, or you could sell it.

  7. So elegant !!! And you now have a new skill under your belt - hair styling :-)))
    Hope you have a great summer

  8. Amazing post! I can't believe school is out. We had so much cool weather in April and May, June just sneaked up. The 'trash' story is so amusing! Nice that hubby is so meticulous! The flowers and hair look fabulous! I'm glad you came to your senses and didn't stay up all night trying to make the mask. There are so many neat ones at the costume stores, if she really needed one. Enjoy your time off!

  9. Bellisimo el adorno para ese peinado. Besos.

  10. Late to the party but just seen this post and had to say that your daughter's hair looks absolutely GORGEOUS!! Love the braids, the flowers, the pearls... everything!


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