Monday, July 14, 2014

nuntium centesimum quinquagesimum tertium - sale

We had a little "Art Fair" at the pavilion on the lake.  Here in the Twin Cities there are many lakes and this was the one closest to our home.  It was a gorgeous day with great weather, a lovely venue, live music and good company.  The girls and I shared two tables with my sister too.  Every one left happy if not staggeringly rich.
Here's my part of the display:
The dreamcatchers were NOT the big hit I thought they might be but the little notecards in the front were! Several men commented on the Christmas tree being untimely but the women had no problem with buying snowflakes.
There was a lot of "that's too hard to do" and "My (female relative) tatted".  It's always fun to hear the stories.  Although I'm never quite sure what to say to the "too hard" comment.  One woman was surprised at the variety of things one can make with tatting.  That made me chuckle as I always feel I'm so mundane compared to others.
And one woman told me that her mother (who lives in rural MN) loves to tat and has a collection of shuttles so I directed her to La Cossette for the truly lovely stuff.

Now back to the Quatrain! (And painting the dining room and prepping for the new French textbook and making pizza crusts and redoing the 6th grade curriculum and reading books, and, and, and...)


  1. This table arrangement is great and all the work is very nice and the lake has a nice view wow I need a vacation!

  2. Wow! What a fabulous setting!!! And your table is so elegant and filled with wonderful items! A great variety indeed! I don't know when you have found the time to make all those things!! Love the baskets, too! Were younger folks there? They would have snapped up the dream catchers! I'm really quite in awe of your display !
    A wonderful sampling of 'modern' tatting, and it's always fun to talk to the visitors. I find that many are surprised at the global connection we have on the internet, and it's so easy to bring photos and my blog up on my tablet. The teenagers think I'm 'hip' or whatever they call it these days! So glad you had a good time!

  3. Beautiful setting for a fair, it seems you had the same comments that I get over here, it made me chuckle too, I think the "it's too hard" is just another way of saying I can't try and not interested in trying. I get a lot of my grandmother used to tat, but they seem never to think about what you can make with tatting. Mine is marked tatting but I still get some who say "look at the crochet" and when you say it's tatting then you get what's that. The general public need a lot of education when it comes to tatting.
    Hope you get everything done before you go back to school.

  4. Lovely tatting Michelle. I can subscribe all that well said by Margaret, it's exactly the same here, at each public demonstration of tatting or bobbin lace. Hugs from Italy,

  5. Magaret is so right here in the UK we get those comments. Although I don't always believe them when they say a departed relation used to tat, often I think they get mixed up with lace or crochet, but at least they stop and talk and our craft gets attention. As everyone said what a lovely setting for your fair, better than being indoors and missing all the lovely weather and what a wonderful display, hours of work there and people do not realise it.


gratias maximas- it's wonderful to hear what you have to say!