Tuesday, September 30, 2014

nuntium centesimum undesexagesimum - ramblings of a mom/teacher

So, it's been a while and for me, a hard while.

Elder daughter to college- I miss her terribly.  I know this is the next phase in her life but I just want her home.  We visited this past weekend and it was reassuring to see her happy and hale (although I was a little disappointed and pleased to find that she doesn't need me very much.)

School this year this year is hard.  You would think after 29 years of teaching that it would be a piece of cake and much of it is but in addition to teaching two languages- multiple levels, I find myself teaching advanced computers as well.  New and fun but a lot of work.

So there hasn't been much time for tatting but there has been some and one of my young colleagues today asked me if she could pay me to teach her to tat!  I laughed and said I would be happy to teach her!  And not for payment, I decided long ago that this was a gift that my great aunt gave to me and it's my duty to pass it along.  Rose-E, I hope you are smiling- I sure am.

So, here's a bit of what I've done:
The mini-dragon made from Lizbeth Root Beer Float.
 I would love to figure out what I'm doing wrong with this one.  Something about the center ring just doesn't sit right.  On the other hand, my daughter likes it.  The pattern is from inTatters from Lavenderbard.
Cintamani from Jon Yusoff- glorious! Lizbeth Victorian Red
 This one is just pleasing to the eye.  What a glorious pattern.
Mary Konior adapted edging cross- Something weird here
 Somehow this is just too much or overwhelming.  I won't make it again.
Vicki Clarke's wonderful, wonderful Simple Heart- just makes me happy!
These hearts are fun to make, the colors cheery and people seem to love them.


  1. Welcome back! Glad to see you've had a moment or two to tat in the midst of your busy life.
    It makes a Mama proud that her children can leave the next and be confident and competent on their own, but I agree that it is hard to seem them become all grown up that way. That they can be so good on their own means you as a parent did a few things right. Congratulations!

  2. I truly know the feeling my daughter went off to college and we all cried and it was very sad she was so much fun to have around and we enjoyed doing things together too.
    I do like your tatting and the tiny dragon is cute. I do love the little hearts they are my favorites

  3. Looking so good!

    I dread my kids leaving home. I have special needs oldest so it's even harder to imagine, but I'm trying to let go a little at a time.

  4. Hi Michelle,

    Glad you found some time to tat - sorry you're having a hard time with teaching… and children starting to leave home is difficult! I really like Vicki Clarke's little heart, I haven't made it in ages. And the Jon Yusoff design in red looks great too. Happy that you're passing on the joy of tatting!

  5. I am glad you found some time to tat, I like your hearts and thank you for sharing the pattern, I have not tried the dragon yet, but plan to do so,
    Hope the school work gets a bit easier for you and you find some more time to tat.
    Thank you for the lovely comments you have left on my blog.
    The hand is getting better slowly with physio and a lot stronger but I must not over do the tatting and knitting, it's good excerise for it.

  6. Wow!! There are some truly beautiful pieces here and lots of hearts!!! :)


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