Saturday, February 13, 2016

socks on! - nuntium duodeduocesimum tertium

Here are the socks with the edgings sewn on.  I used "invisible" thread and the sewing machine.  It always makes me giggle because it's a bit like the Emperor's New Clothes".  But I got new glasses so that helps significantly.

I didn't sew them all the way around but rather started and then reversed so that it's like a straight line.  Hopefully the recipients will still be able to get them on.


  1. So cute! I haven't tatted edgings for socks, but I have crocheted edgings on many pairs for my daughters and granddaughters.

  2. So very pretty ! And seem like fun :-)

  3. I wondered about the getting on part. Really pretty way to jazz up socks, I must try it.

  4. A heart set of socks, I am sure they will be loved,


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