Friday, September 18, 2015

Partner in crime - nuntium centesimum octogesimum sextum

Last winter my sister and I participated in a couple craft shows.  She makes lovely earrings and you know what I'm up to.  Here is my half of the joint table.

And here we are together.  She's still a cutie!  I can't remember the last picture we have of us together.
I have more pictures!

This is my daughter's steampunk jewelry which we also sold.



  1. Will you do the same this winter? Looks like fun!

    1. Oh yes, aside from behind no cute she is the great organizer. We have THREE lined up already!

  2. Wow that is lots to organize looks like fun tatting and love the ornaments!

  3. I hope it was a great success? I wish you all the best for this season too.

  4. What fun! When I retire, maybe I'll drive up to Minnesota and join the fun! ;-)


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