Sunday, October 21, 2018

The big reveal (or done, done, done) - nuntium trecesimum sextum

I've finished!  Wahoo!

Here it is:
 What could it be?  Well, of course it's a tatted beaded bag for my straw!  About two years ago, I swore off plastic straws (environmental reasons) but the problem was that I LOVE straws, always have.  I loved them as a kid- back when they were made of paper. I made the conversion to plastic with the rest of the world.  I know it won't change everything but this could be a small thing I can do.  A friend showed me her metal straw but I couldn't wrap my brain around drinking through metal.  But then...


I found glass straws!  They are made of pyrex and super tough. But just carrying it in my purse loose was too much.  To the rescue Marie's beaded bag which I spotted on Frivole's blog.

I had to modify it a bit (not my forte) and undo several inches (more than once) but finally today- success! 


  1. Wow Michelle, wonderful! Beautiful and environmentally friendly too. The other day I just didn’t use the straw I was given, then as we were leaving the restaurant, Jack saw the waitress throw it in the bin, paper cover and all. Hmm, I definitely won’t help the environment that way.

  2. Sweet success of a beautiful & useful, well done project. Been puzzled trying to figure out what you are making. You certainly had me guessing and waiting. Do you feel that it was worth the retro tatting? I do.

    1. I do too, thank you! It was long and slow but I love the result.

  3. Well done, I like your style, no more plastic or paper straws, not seen a glass one but at least you have found something that does not need recycling.
    Great bag

  4. Aw, that's gorgeous! You'll really carry your straw in style now! I too have recently adopted glass straws though I leave mine at home. Great for drinking smoothies. :-)

  5. Awesome idea!!! It turned out beautiful!!! :)

  6. I keep thinking about that glass straw . . . Nice work! Looks great 😉

  7. Es una idea genial y hermosa. Besos


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