Sunday, October 7, 2018

Continuing - nuntium trecesimum quintum

I have untatted and now tatted a lot but am still not done.  Lots of fun guesses but still no one has figured it out.  It's too narrow for glasses, too long for lipstick/chapstick.  It could work for a pen but in the end will be too long for that.
A hint:  it's for something that should not be in my purse unprotected.  It's not entirely frivolous BUT... while the beaded bag will provide some protection, it really won't do what the piece of felt I currently use does.
Sadly, you can see where I untatted to and restarted.  It's not bigger but it sure looks bigger.
 And I can't avoid a small series of holes that I'm making when I do the split ring which allows me to move to the next round.  Grrr.

But I love the feel of it and will delight greatly in using it....


  1. Those are tiny imperfections you’re focusing on, it looks wonderful!

  2. I can't see any imperfection! It is already a pretty container. For what, I don't know, may that be for the pointer of the interactive whiteboard?

  3. Hhhmmmmmm . . . I think it’s for the magic wand you keep in your purse! Or a laser pointer?

  4. Looking really beautiful, for what I really don't know I can only think of a stylis for your mobile phone.

  5. Something electronic? Charging device?

    1. No, definitely not electronic! I’m getting close to done... watch for the big reveal.(haha)


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