Wednesday, July 6, 2011

nuntium vicesimum sextum (26th post) Where I continue to be spoiled!

I continue to be ridiculously spoiled.  I had the chance to get together with THREE tatters yesterday but before I get to that....

I have finished 13 motifs for the Quatrain which means only 141 left to go!

So, thanks to the goodness of Diane's husband, two of her daughters and grandchildren, Happy Bluebird and I got to meet with the Lace-lovin' Librarian herself!  We had so much fun!  Diane and Cindy are so generous look at all the goodies they brought (hence the title of the post).
One of the beautiful 4th of July shuttles, the turtle shuttle, red, white and blue beads, a great scissor fob and thread too!  (and the cool bag)

Oh my goodness, homemade strawberry jam!

 We chatted for three hours and my elder daughter, who learned to tat last summer, came too so we were four tatters!  My daughter took a picture so here we are...
Me, Cindy and Diane
It's been great having my husband home and but before he got here, I was able to clean out the "blue room closet".  Yarn and thread and more.  When she passed away, I couldn't go through my great Aunt Rose-E's things but just put them in the drawers.  But after reading Gina's blog and the story of Carol Moser,  I would like to dole out some of Rose-e's works just so other tatters can see what she did.  She loved making handkerchiefs so here are four. She would cut off the corner and replace them with tatting.

 And this one, which Diane said must be done with sewing thread, she cut off all four corners and replaced.
I'll do more of Aunt Rose-E in future posts.  She was a fabulous model and god-mother.

 I made this dragon in April so I'm going to count it toward my 25-motif challenge as motif #6.
motif #6
And lastly, my daughter and I decided to try to decorate some shuttles that my dear sister found at an antiques show last weekend.  Here's my attempt.
And here's what my daughter did:

Well, someone has to make dinner so that'll be me.  (I love cooking)  Pasta with Thai peanut sauce, cucumber salad and bruschetta - yum.

I love summer!

Latin for today:  aestas Minnesotanensis optima est! = Minnesota summer is the best!

(How do you like that signature?  Happy Bluebird gave me the info for that!!)


  1. The Quatrain is looking vert tasty!

    Your Aunt Rose-E sure did a lot of tatting and it is beautiful. How nice for you to have her lovely work.

    Looks as if you all had a great visit!

    Lastly - love the artistic shuttle decoration of the next generation of tatters! Wonderful!
    Fox : )

  2. Wowza you've gotten far with that Quatrain pattern! Wont be much longer now.

    That must be wonderful to have had tatters in your family, it's fascinating to see her work! It's all so beautiful.

    The shuttles are so cute!


  3. You crack me up. ONLY 141 to go on the Quatrain. (It's looking good!)

    It was a great day with tatters, wasn't it? It was so fun to see the beautiful tatting by your Aunt Rose-E - what a treasure.

    And YAY! You made some shuttles! Love your first one - and your daughter's too :)

  4. I forgot! Love the dragon! So pretty!
    Fox : ))

  5. Hey you lucky gal, you got to meet more tatters!

    Your aunt's hankies are gorgeous! Must have been a lot of work tatting butterflies for the corners. Wow!

  6. So glad you've joined the Challenge! You're already up to #6, and you have so much to share! I love the dragon! I have yet to tat it.

    It's also fabulous to see the handkerchief edgings - what a treasure! Blogging is such a great way for us to 'see' these works of art! Wouldn't your Great Aunt Rose-E be amazed to know her work is being seen around the world!!

    I love seeing tatters get together! What a great visit! And the decorated shuttles are so clever!

    I envy the fact that you love to cook, because I'm not at my happiest in the kitchen. (That's the nicest way I could put it!)

  7. Thank you for all the nice comments. It is so fun to do this blog and meet so many encouraging people. And Aunt Rose-E would be thrilled to think that tatters around the world are looking at her work!

  8. I love those handkerchiefs!!!! The Quatrain looks great....I'm glad that others keep count as well :)

  9. Great quatrain and seahorse dragon!!! :)

  10. What a nice post with lots of things to look at. So glad you had a great time with Cindy and Diane, and it's nice to see a photo of the three of you. Your runner is looking good already and growing quickly. I like your daughter's shuttle decoration... something different from what we usually see!


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