Wednesday, July 20, 2011

nuntium tricesimum secundum (32nd post) flea market

Last Saturday we had a neighborhood flea market and for $20 anyone could have a spot for a table.  My younger daughter makes earrings so I suggested we give it a try.  After a while, I thought maybe I could have some tatting out there too.

It promised to be 92 and humid so we loaded up water, umbrellas and our gear.

My daughter sold earrings like hot cakes and that was very fun.  She was so excited and it was a thrill as a mom to watch her doing all the "business".

I put out the angel bookmarks, thinking if I sold any, I could make more for my thank yous.  (Yes, I still haven't sent my thank yous to my students, pig that I am.)
I also put out some cards that I whipped up Thursday.  I used to make these and sell them to my colleagues.  I bet everyone who tats has done a few of these.

I sold a few sets and that was nice. But what was really fun was that I met a young woman who was very interested in learning to tat and she lives in my neighborhood.  I'm going to try to teach her one evening when the weather changes (it will change, right?). Then hopefully we'll have another member of Twin Cities Tatters!
When I took the picture today I was horrified to see that the top card of the set got a sunburn!  (It was really hot.)
Can you see the sunburn on the pink one?

Here's another Aunt Rose-E piece (she taught me to tat many years ago).

It's some kind of metallic thread, size 40, I would guess.  One of my daughters spotted it and now it's disappeared into one of their rooms!

And when I was cleaning out the closet two weeks ago, I found this piece that I was working on 15+ years ago.  My intent was to make placemats (ha!) but I hate hiding ends so much, this was as far as I got.  I wonder if there's a split ring way to make the motifs.
This plant was a cutting from one of my student's gardens!

The Quatrain proceeds.  I've finished three rows and 2 so I'm up to 23 motifs.  I think I'll do a picture again in a week.

Latin for today:  abhinc septem dies = seven days from now.  click here to hear:


  1. Who knew that cards could get sunburn? It would be fun to have a neighborhood flea market... if only I had a neighborhood! Living in the country does have its disadvantages. : )

  2. Your progress bar on the side jumped! Yippie! And of course you're right... I think I have some stationery just like that around here somewhere :) Also, my necklace was size 80 :)

  3. So fun to watch our kids be successful and excited - even if we have to endure this heatwave to do it. I never in a million years would have thought cardstock could get a sunburn. Boo-hiss!


  4. Wow - that was brave of you to go out into that heat! I especially can't take 90-degree heat anymore! How nice that you and your daughter shared the event!

    Indeed I used to do those cards, although not as many daisies per card as you've done here! At first I was delighted to learn how to tat the daisies, but then I lost interest in making them. The note cards are very appealing and popular, though, especially when packaged in ribbons like that!

    Another fabulous butterfly from Aunt Rose E! I wonder what that thread was. It doesn't look as if it would be easy to tat with! I'm glad your daughters realize the importance of these treasures!

    And your 'older' doily is quite delicate and lacy looking! Only three more motifs to make it a nice size!

  5. How nice to have a flea market and well done your daughter selling her earrings and what a pity the sun burned the paper, Nice to find someone who wants to learn tatting, you might end up with a few more when her friends find out.
    I hope your treasured tatting will be passed on in the family by your daughter.

  6. A flea market can be a big fun, good for you! :)
    The Quatrain looks gorgeous, I still love it.


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