Wednesday, July 27, 2011

nuntium tricesimum quartum (34th post) still spoiled part II

Even as a small child, I loved getting things in the mail.

Finally the gardenia is blooming!

Saturday, to my great surprise, was this treat from Fox!
Look at the beautiful tatting from Fox!

Such pretty threads and findings.  I have the perfect project for that variegated thread- as if Fox heard me discussing this with my husband and my visiting friend.  Nothing I had in the house was right but now, thanks to Fox, I'm set.

One of my colleagues is having a baby so I thought I would try some booties and found one in my Anne Orr book.  It seemed okay but now I'm wondering.  What you see here represents three days of work and I'm still not done.

There's a place where one is supposed to "put in a bit of the medallion" and I can only see it as being ugly.  I'm no designer but I might have to give it a try for this.

Never fear, I will continue the Quatrain, it just seemed like a good break point.

Latin for today:  esne fons quem audio? = Is that a fountain I hear? Click here to listen (and you can hear my patio fountain too).


  1. Snail mail is still fabulous - and that Fox sure proved it! What lovely gifts :)

    I'm afraid if that bootie has taken you 3 days, I may never get a pair done. Unless you decide to become a designer after all . . .


  2. Hi Michelle,

    What lovely gift from Fox, I look forward to seeing what you do with it.

    Nice to see your Gardenia is flowering, they are lovely flowers with perfume.

    Your booties look beautiful I am sure she will love them.

  3. Your booty looks very nice from here.... Which bit is it you think will look "ugly"?? It all looks very pretty so far.

  4. That baby bootie is looking beautiful! :)


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