Monday, August 1, 2011

nuntium tricesimum quintum (35th post) something different - MK bootie

We're visiting my parents in ND which is so beautiful.  We had a huge storm last night, hope my house will be okay when the storm gets there today.

My wonderful husband loves to drive which means I get to tat.  We listen to audiobooks (the latest Kane Chronicle- The Throne Room), the scenery is glorious and 8 hours of tatting!  My elder daughter was working on the second dragon wing from Anne Bruvold's mini-dragon and the younger doing calligraphy.  Everyone happy!

You'd think I'd have more to show for 8 hours but I have a hard time reading in the car (plus I was over sure about what I was doing - real problem) so I did the rosette FOUR times before I got it right.  Now, I'm very pleased.  I gave up on the other bootie pattern. This is Mary Konior's Goodie Two Shoes which is lovely and involves no "fudging".  I may work on the other one again but for now, I want to finish.

Isn't it fun?  I'll put a ribbon on it and maybe a little sock in it?  Hmm, I don't know what do other people do?  I want the booties to be worn, not just admired.

In other news, I was able to teach a wonderful, young woman to tat last week.  We only had one day in common because of travels but she reported in that she's successfully making rings.  Next onto chains and then she's set.  She's currently working on the little fish which is all rings and is looking for advice about closing small rings.  If you have suggestions, please comment and I'll pass it along.

I can't wait to finish the other bootie but there's serious pinochle around here and that doesn't mix with holding a shuttle.  : )

Latin for today:  hodie mane phasianum medio in horto vidi = I saw a pheasant in the yard this morning. Click here

et nunc leporem magnum video = and now I see a huge hare!


  1. How adorable! I think that socks inside the bootie look perfect! I have two uncles in ND. Wave to them as you drive by, would you? : )

  2. Very sweet! I'm worried that if I make one, I won't be able to get the other one to match :)

    Yay - a new tatter! I find it helps when I have a tough time closing a ring to pull the shuttle thread down and a last pull toward the left or starting stitch of the ring. Does that make sense?

    Enjoy the pinochle!

  3. Nice going, Michelle! Looks great! When I have made these, I have stuffed a baby sock - the smallest ones available - with tissue paper to give it shape, and inserted it into the bootie to which I have added an appropriate ribbon - pink, blue or non-gender colours. They look very wearable when you do that!
    Fox : )

  4. Love the booties and your Latin :) What book of hers is this pattern in. I just might have to make one before my new little one arrives. So much to tat, so little time.

  5. have fun in ND. wave as you go by. I will be thinking of you here in ND.

  6. Hi Michelle,

    sounds like you had a lovely jouney to ND, I was lucky to buy this book last week and it arrived yesterday its a lovely pattern so I will be trying it out soon.
    Thank you for the lovely comments on my blog, I do a craft fair once a month in Frome, Somerset just 6 miles away. Recently its not been very good as people in the UK are not spending money or dont have it, its been so bad that Vernon wants me to give up, not sure what to do as the table fees have gone up so if it does not improve I maybe be forced to give up.
    I hope you have a lovely holiday

  7. Tatted booties are so cute! They're always so special and I'd imagine they're passed down. (:


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