Sunday, August 21, 2011

nuntiium undequadragesimum (39th post) Five rows!

Hmm, well a blog about tatting is interesting if there's something different going on, i.e. many motifs, projects or a big doily with different rows.  A repeated motif in one color can be dull to post about.

I'm not tired of it.  I finished the 5th row last night and I'm still pleased with it.  If you look at my progress bar, I'm at 22% of the project!

But school started last week and the students come on Wednesday.  So, I think my one motif a day pace may slow down.  Boo hoo.  : )

I love school and the excitement it brings.  Some students are brand new for me and others I've had for one or two years and it's fun to work with them again.  I'm a little "at sea" though because for the first time in 18 years, I won't have a homeroom.  (John (the Navy Seal) was in my first ever homeroom too.)

My brain is swirling with ideas and possibilities for school so tatting ideas will be on the back burner for a while.

Here's a photo of something pretty fun.  We went for brunch last week and somehow my daughter's order got goofed up.  The manager apologized and said he'd bring something special and then came out with this!

I don't think she's ever eaten a whole apple before. 

Then this morning I was looking online for the temp for cooking bacon in the oven- and this is a very slick and easy, no mess way to make bacon - and on the side bar was a video on how to make this same swan!

Latin for today:  hortus mihi pulcherrimus est.  = My garden is very lovely. Click here to listen:


  1. Love what you are making! It is really coming along.

    Whoo- hoo! I understood your Latin message before I read the translation! I feel positively brilliant!
    Fox : )

  2. Wow - your quatrain runner is looking awesome!

    I am not as brilliant as Fox with the Latin . . .

    I love the swan - but how could you EAT it?

  3. Beautiful piece of tatting so far, looking forward to seeing it when finished.

    I have seen a swan out of an apple it was on the plate when my husband had cheese and biscuits in a pub, but I have no idea how to do it. yous looks lovely, I like the way they did it with a red apple.


  4. You are doing a wonderful job on that runner! :)

  5. i like this color ! la couleur mauve super belle!

  6. Wow Michelle, you've made a lot of progress since I last checked your blog! I too love the colour. It's great to see it growing. Just got back tonight from holiday and had to come straight away and check on one of my favourite blogs! :-)

  7. Ta serweta jest piękna.


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