Thursday, August 11, 2011

nuntium tricesimum septimum (37th post) What do you do with an expired driver's license?

I had this idea a while ago about making picot gauges after I met with Diane (Lace Lovin' Librarian).  She had the most beautiful wooden picot gauges and I thought individual gauges like that would be nice to have.  So I thought I would cut up a credit card like I've read here and there on various blogs.  That was an epic disaster, mangled, uneven and not worth the time.  The card was so stiff, I couldn't cut it well.

Then today, my renewed driver's license came in the mail  Sadly the face looks older, the pounds are more and the height is less!  On the other hand, my old driver's license is the same size as a credit card, plastic and not quite as hard.
So--after fiddling around with graph paper, carefully cutting, taping onto the license, cutting again, I got this!

I haven't tried them yet but I think they'll work.  I'm going to put them on their own ring so they move more easily.

I also wanted to make a little motif for a necklace pendant so I thought I would try Anne Bruvold's microdragon.  I like him and he's motif #13.
motif #13

On a very different note, I want to do a small tribute to an American hero.  This amazing young man was my student many years ago (7th and 8th grade).  He was sweet, gentle, kind, amazingly smart, caring and wonderful.  And my heart is breaking today. 

Take a look if you have a moment.

in memoriam, dear John,


  1. A true hero, indeed - how wonderful that he touched your life in an inspiring way. I've been seeing this article all day long and thinking about his family and friends as I worry about the young soldiers I know.

    Your picot gauges look like they might just be perfect!

  2. Thank you for sharing the link to John's story. I will keep you and his family in my prayers.

    Your picot gauges look wonderful. Hmmm... my driver's license expires next year. I wonder if I'll remember your idea when I get my new license!

  3. Thank you- that means more than you know.

  4. Very sad There have been too many...

  5. I looked at that picture & thought "oh, he was a baby".... When really he was a few years older than I am. Bless his heart & yours too, Michelle. Love, thoughts, & prayers, to you, John, & his family. May he rest in peace, knowing how much we all appreciate what he did for us.
    And I hope you know we appreciate you for the part you had in making him the amazing person he was.

  6. my heart aches for all those we have lost, the best of the best.
    your picot gauges are exactly what I am setting up for myself tonight, but not with an old license, one of those fake credit cards you get in the mail. I was trying to figure out how to make several measurements as steps on one card, instead of several single pieces, but have been a bit frustrated.
    your little dragon is a cutie, if you can call a dragon cute.

  7. Brilliant idea for your old driving license.

    I love your little dragon he is very cute,

    I am sorry you are sad today, I am sure you have some lovely memories of him its sad when someone dies so young.

  8. Te ha quedado muy bien el medidor.Yo también me fabriqué uno.Besos.


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