Tuesday, August 30, 2011

nuntium quadragesimum (40th post) a few firsts in one motif

School is in full swing, so tatting time is severely limited. I love school but I'm missing the tatting. I'm following the blogs during lunch (all 28 minutes of it!) and I saw a lovely little cross at Elizabeth's blog.  We met up with my grandparents and aunt and uncle on Sunday so I got to tat in the car.

This is not only motif #15 but it's also my first attempt at "front-side/backside" tatting.  I'm just not convinced the final result is worth it. I LOVE the cross though.

 The thread is some of Anika's hand-dyed and it's lovely to work with.  This is my first piece with HDT too.

On Saturday, I went to our state fair for a little bit.  We live only 6 blocks from the "Great Minnesota Get-Together" which means fireworks every night for us.  I went to the arts and crafts building and was sad to see very, very little tatting in it.  I won't comment on the quality because I'm not a judge and I don't know what they look for.  I was encouraged to enter something myself and I'm going to try to get Cindy to do the same.

Ah, what's that I hear?  The siren call of correcting? Yep- hopefully it won't be so long for the next post.

Latin for today:  lavistine vasa?  = Have you washed the dishes?  (I'm sorry there's no audio, Vocaroo is changing to be a fee-based service which is too costly for this budget.)


  1. What a great little cross - I'm going to have to keep that pattern on hand. I really need small projects like this since time seems to be a little short these days.

    Yes - I'm in - let's get our fair entries prepared for 2012!

    And yes, I've washed my dishes :)

  2. pretty cross, welcome to the world of HDT, have fun at school

  3. I saw that cross also, and I really like it! Believe me, I understand about limited tatting time. If I give up blog reading, I'll have more time to tat, but then I'll lose touch with everyone. Maybe things will calm down now that Open House is over... or maybe after Parent/Teacher Conferences... or Christmas break... or...

  4. Nice work!

    I wasn't sure about fs/bs tatting when I started it, but suddenly the thing took hold and now it is second nature. I do think it looks much better - more polished - but that is just me. Also, for OCD, it is just another in a long list of challenges!
    Fox : )

  5. Lovely cross, not sure about the fs/bs tatting but its looks a lovely cross.
    I am please you find some time in your day even if its not long enough to tat.


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