Sunday, September 4, 2011

nuntium quadragesimum primum (41st post) Corinne's motif and clunies

I thought I would try Corinne's game.  She's created a lovely motif and invited others to try it it out.  The pattern is simple and elegant and it gave me an excuse to use more of Anika's HDT.  I'm pretty well pleased with it.  The green is Lizbeth spring green med and both are size 20.
motif #16 - isn't it pretty?

Then I made another of Elizabeth's little crosses, this time in one of my vintage threads from Aunt Rose-E, size 70.  It's great but REALLY tiny.  I'm not sure it's a good bookmark size but my daughter snapped it up right away.  Note the front side, back side again.  I'm still not convinced but it's fun to practice.

Yesterday, my elder daughter (who tats) and I got together with Cindy for Twin Cities Tatters.  We had a great time and gave clunies a try.  I got the loom and the weaving part down but I think I must be doing something wrong at the end when I pull the threads through.  It almost feels like a "flip" happens and then I can't pull the threads from the bottom.  (Top ones okay!)

They're not perfect but I'm excited to learn something new.  Someday I will be embarrassed that I posted a picture of them but not today.  Today they are just fun!

Latin for today:  ubi est cafeum meum?  non iam possum cogitare.  = Where's my coffee?  I can't think yet.


  1. Somehow, I missed Corinne's post. Now I know I have to check it out! Wish I could have made the meeting. Somehow, work got in the way. : )

    I don't see Clunies in my near future, so I'll just enjoy yours!

  2. Merci Michelle , super , génial !!!
    I'm very glad ,your tatting is very nice and the color beautiful!

  3. Lovely motif going to go and check out Corinnes post, Lovely little cross I am looking for one very small cross for my mobile phone charms.
    Not tried clunies on the list for one day, at the moment its celtic tatting.

  4. Well, because of this post I have downloaded Max's pattern.. Very pretty , small and simple. I like it!
    Fox : ))

  5. Es un motivo muy bonito.Las clunys son bien difíciles, yo tengo que practicarlas sin que me duelan los dedos.Besos.

  6. Ciao Michelle
    i tuoi lavori sono bellissimi.
    Un abbraccio

  7. Mimi Dillman has a great pattern to practice clunies. It's a little kite and the clunies are the kite's tail. And thanks for saying nice things on my blog.


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