Sunday, July 17, 2011

nuntium tricesimum primum (31st post) still spoiled!

On Friday, my daughter and I met with Happy Bluebird for 2 hours.  It was so fun!  Cindy is so generous and talented.  She found the self-threading and chenille needles.  And then she made the most amazing little needle cases for my daughter and me!

It's so hot and humid here that when I took the camera outside to take a picture it fogged up and wouldn't clear up. 

When my daughter and I got home on Friday, there was a package from Teresa with three Workbaskets.
In one of them was this lovely little motif in the January 1988 issue.

It just seemed perfect for the needle case so here's how it looks in Lizbeth Cotton Candy size 80.
motif #11

teeny tiny motif #11- that's a dime...

I can't figure out how to attach it yet, maybe with clear thread?

Latin for today:  quomodo sciam?  = How should I know?


  1. That's a nifty idea for a needle case, and I love the tatted motif as a decoration!

  2. I love the tatted docoration great for the needle case, amazing how simple things can look great.

  3. A pretty needlecase and I love the decoration you tatted!

  4. Had not seen the previous comments until after mine was published - we are not very original are we? We nearly all three said the same thing! Made me laugh.

  5. I love the tatted decoration too! So glad those found a good home where they will be appreciated!

  6. HAHA. No. My husband keeps telling me I should try designing my own patterns already and he wonders why I look at him with horror. Maybe someday? Meanwhile, thank you for making me feel very welcomed!


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