Tuesday, July 12, 2011

nuntium undetricesimum (29th post) someone came to visit

Look who showed up today!

I wonder if there's a certain sister somewhere who will claim her?

In my Aunt Rose-E things, I found this hanky *I* made many years ago.  It was for a friend who was getting married.  But why do I still have it, I wonder?

You might notice the Quatrain progress bar on the right, it's fun but I realized last night that unless I do two motifs, the percentage doesn't change.  : )

And today's dose of Aunt Rose-E is this white linen hanky with white edging.

Latin for today: defessissima sum ergo cubitum ibo = I'm really tired so I'm going to bed. Click here to listen:


  1. Another dragon... whoo hoo! With his tassle, he looks like you've tethered him. Not everyone can tame a dragon! Love the hankies!

  2. Nice dragon! I love the hanky edging you made! That blue and white edging is fantastic!! :)


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