Friday, June 24, 2011

nuntium vicesimum secundum (22nd post) "Maman, can you..."

My little daughter asked me about a week ago, "Maman, can you make me another dragon ... for a bookmark?"  (Never mind that I had to write a dreadful paper this week.)
I've made Anne Bruvold's minor Norwegian dragons before but I wanted it to be more of a bookmark so with some input from my two girls, we came up with this.
motif #2

Is it too dopey?  The tassel is supposed to be a tongue of flame.  It's Lizbeth size 20 but sadly I can't remember the name of the color of the dragon but the "fire" is Falling Leaves.

My mailbox has been a series of treats this week, more to come about that soon.  I'm still SO lucky.

Speaking of lucky, today I had the chance to get together with some local tatters for a couple hours.  We had so much fun!  We worked on Jane Eborall's no blip join and the struggled to remember how to the SSSR which I taught the others in April.  Just shows you have to continue to use techniques once you learn them.  We had a great time exploring the Happy Bluebird's color nook (and looking up Jane E's pattern and techniques page to refresh our memories.  Mainly it's just so fun to get together with others with our unusual common interest.  To talk about tatting and have someone understand is so great!

Now the other daughter wants a dragon too so that will keep me away from the Quatrain a little longer.

Lastly, does anyone have a suggestion for a easy, simple cross?  I would like to make some for thank yous, the kind of thing I can make easily while waiting or during a presentation- I'm going to a conference tomorrow and Sunday.

Latin for today:  tandem confecta sum = I'm finally done.  Audi hic (Listen here)


  1. LOVE that dragon :) A perfect bookmark.

    We had a great gathering on Friday - the time just flew, didn't it? It's so great to be with other tatters in person.

    I was digging in my patterns for a small cross, but they all seem more involved than what you're looking for, or in those antique books with convoluted directions.

  2. I have found Mary Konior's mark my words cross to be ideal for quick gifts...easy to memorize and great in any thread.

  3. Julie, that is a nice one. Maybe I'll give it a try!


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