Monday, June 20, 2011

nuntium vicesimum (20th post) flores

Finally a summer day!  We started out grey and dreary but then this afternoon the sun came out!  I think everyone knows about Minnesota in the winter but our summers are glorious!
The rose bush is still amazing but now some of the petals are falling.  It's like the cheesy movies when there are rose petals draped on the floor except it's right by the house and the back step.  I love it!

And the double petunias have finally bloomed too.  Such color!

We started a perennial garden in the front last summer and that's showing promise.

I love summer!  (Doesn't hurt that I don't have to get up so early in the morning either...)

Tatting on its way, the camera battery died tonight.

Latin for today: per multos annos = for many years (see periennial in that one?) Click to hear:


  1. The fallen rose petals are pretty! Reminds me of the aisles at weddings. Of course, your version is by nature and not frivolous breeding of scentless, genetically engineered roses that florists (cough cough my mom)purchase for about a fourth of what the buyers pay. Definitely a fan of the homegrown stuff, as you can tell.

    All of your flowers are so lovely! It must be nice to have seasons. (:

    And that audio clip thing is so cool!

  2. Questi fiori sono bellissimi, è sbocciata l'estate. Un abbraccio.


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