Tuesday, June 28, 2011

nuntium vicesium quartum (24th post) still spoiled!

Last week was such a fun week for mail.  I love the computer and getting emails and comments too but getting a real letter or card is one of the best things ever and a package- well a package beats all. I even love ordering stuff online (and paying for it) so that I can get a package.
Last week was three days of packages including one from Anika.  I pestered the poor young lady about her shuttles and she was kind enough to send me one!  It's very sturdy and has some weight but I like that.  She made it (and others) out of vinyl tile- isn't it grand?
And Anika also included some hand-dyed thread!  This is my very first skein so I'm struggling to figure out what would be the perfect thing to make with it.  I'm worried that it will sit forever in the "it's so pretty, I don't know what to do with it because it has to be something special" place.  I'll have to devote some thought to it.
I'm still making angels for thank you bookmarks.  Happy Bluebird suggested that I leave off the picots on the bottom (like one of the alternates on Sharren's pattern) so I gave that a go.
motif #4 (butterflies)
And a few butterflies to finish off thread.

Latin for today:  My husband's coming home in three days! = maritus meus abhinc tres dies reveniet.  

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  1. That's a 50 yard skein! So, hard to put a dent in ^_^
    Ohh I like those butterflies. Might have to start making some of them.


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