Thursday, June 23, 2011

nuntium vicesimum primum (21st post) internet friends

Without a doubt the very best thing about the internet is finding new friends.  I'm not talking about Facebook types of friends but finding others with similar interests and in this case TATTING!
Some of you know that I've started this crazy, stunning beautiful pattern of Frivole's called the Quatrain.  Frivole has been so very patient with me as I repeatedly ask her questions.  So when she said she liked Aunt Rose-E's hankies, I just had to send her one- well two because I couldn't decide.  Look what she does!  In true Frivole fashion, she said she would like to send me a little thank you so I thought "Well, isn't that sweet" but never in my wildest dreams did I think what she described as a "little thank you" would be this!

First, you must look at Frivole's amazing calligraphy!

Secondly, I don't have any idea how Frivole knew that I have been secretly lusting after La Cossette shuttles.  If you've never seen them, check this shop out.  As I opened the card and saw the trademark pea pod, my hands started to tremble, how could she have known?  And then I opened the La Cossette package (which was so lovely, I didn't want to change it).  Inside was the most beautiful shuttle in the world!  Look!

Even personalized!  I had to stay up late and make another motif in the Quatrain, easily the best of the six I've done.  Only 148 to go!
Thank you, merci and gratias, Frivole.  I am so lucky to be able to call you my friend!

Latin for today:  quam fortunata sum! = I am so lucky.  Click to listen.


  1. Tatting internet friends are lovely, that's my experiance too.
    Frivole's Quatrain is just amazing, I saved it, and I hope I can start tatting it soon.
    (Btw. I'm also a Latin teacher, but now I work as a librarian).
    Vale! :)

  2. Another Latin teacher tatter! Yay! How fun to find you! (Now I'll have to be extra careful with my Latin- tee hee!)

  3. finding another tatter is a lovely thing, and i too agree that tatters are the nicest people. have fun with your new shuttle. :)

  4. And meeting new LOCAL tatting friends on the internet is a bonus too - so glad to have you as a tatting friend to get together in person with :)

    Your special, personalized shuttle has me green with envy! What a thoughtful thank-you.



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