Friday, June 17, 2011

nuntium undevicesimum (19th post) rosae, rosae, rosae

We've had guests most of the week and in our family this means pinochle!  Sadly though, pinochle does not allow for tatting so there hasn't been much, if any.

On the other hand, our William Baffin rose bush is in its full glory so I thought I'd share this picture.

3 more grad parties and then I think I'm done (no more red/white crosses) and it's back to the Quatrain (from Frivole) runner!  Okay, I did get one motif done on Tuesday before they arrived. So I'm at 5 motifs with 149 to go.  tee hee.

Latin for today:  rosae mihi valde placent = I really love roses!  Click to listen.


  1. The rose bush is beautiful!

    A busy couple of weeks and then you'll be free - that Quatrain runner will be done in no time!

  2. There is no email in your profile so I can't email you. Can you email me your address?


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