Saturday, May 7, 2011

nuntium nonum (ninth post)

Alas, no news on the bracelet.  Perhaps the woman in charge will tell me later.  I asked but no response - maybe that's not the thing to do?  I'm sure I'll survive either whether I find out or not.

For Mother's Day, I asked my dear husband if he would get me thread for a small runner I would like to make.  He said sure! I fell totally in love with Frivole's quatrain when she first shared it.  But I've been working on other things so it had to wait.  But if he was going to get the thread, he needed to know how much so that's why this prototype.

It's not nearly as nicely done as Frivole's but I like it well enough to continue and make the runner.  It's unblocked  but even so, I like the look.  I can see that I'll have to work on tightening up the start- which Frivole clearly cautions in her pattern.  And those are my first-ever Josephine chains.

The thread is Lizbeth 20, spring green.  It's not my favorite color by itself but for practicing, it's just fine.  The motif is a little more than an inch square and took about an hour to make.  Hmmm--- could take a while....

Latin for today:  necesse est mihi exspectare.  = I'll have to wait.


  1. That's a beautiful pattern. Are you making a long runner for a specific table? Can't wait to see your progress.

  2. I will! Which will give me some incentive to keep going because it's going to need 154 of the motifs! It's for a little chest in our bedroom which is secretly the clothes bin.

  3. I think it's looking pretty good Michelle! Don't know why you say it's not as nice as mine. And strange that we decided to post about it on the same day! I look forward to seeing your chosen colour.

    Et vous êtes professeur de français et de latin? Malheureusement, le latin, je ne connais pas. Mais le français par contre...

    A bientôt!


gratias maximas- it's wonderful to hear what you have to say!