Tuesday, May 10, 2011

nuntium decimum (tenth post)


That's the magic number.  My darling husband is a math whiz and figured out for me how many motifs I'll need to make the runner from Frivole's beautiful Quatrain pattern.  The thread is being shipped tomorrow!  Frivole says she can make the motif in 29 minutes.  I hope I can too- first try 1 hour- at that rate, one per day, it would be five and a half months!

I made three more crosses.  I've modified Julie Patterson's pattern a bit because I didn't like how *my* centers were turning out with the big split ring on the bottom "arm" of the cross.  I've added in 2 ds before joining.  It's not perfect still but I like it better.  I don't mean to suggest the pattern isn't great, it's just me!

What do you think of the background?  Yep, it's the Formica in the kitchen, serviceable,  innocuous and plain.

Latin for today:  formica = ant


  1. I like your crosses, they have a very nice shape! Are they being sent as gifts?

  2. Ooh! The crosses are pretty.
    154?! I don't think I could survive that. But that pattern is very pretty, and I'm looking forward to your progress!

  3. Your crosses are beautiful! As for the formica, now that I now the meaning of the word, I'm not sure I'd want it in my kitchen! ; )

  4. Your crosses look great with the modification!

    154! Yikes. I would get about 30 done and give up. You are inspiring!

    Formica makes a good background for photos. Not liking the Latin lesson.

  5. I think the good news about doing the blog is that now that I've proclaimed the runner to my new tatting friends, I have more impetus to do it!
    So, clearly the Latin was a big hit today! : )
    The crosses for my colleagues who have lost their jobs this year- big upsets and I gave one to one of my students whose mother is having surgery for breast cancer today. Tough stuff for anyone!

  6. Well, I like the latin lessons! 29 minutes makes me sound a bit "obsessive" or something... it's just that you had asked so I made one Quatrain with a timer by my side. About half an hour, that sounds better, doesn't it?

  7. it is going to be very pretty when you are finished. don't obsess about getting it done all at one time. take a break now and then and do something else. he he


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