Tuesday, May 24, 2011

nuntium quartum decimum (14th post) something old / TWO!

Of course this had to happen.  There are three weeks of school left and all tatting has pretty much ceased.  The correcting frenzy has begun!  And yesterday after school, two of my newbie tatters showed up after school because they wanted to learn joins and chains.  They are so fun and excited!

I was so thrilled to get my thread to start the Quatrain runner but I've only had time to do two motifs.  I like how they look though.

And then I thought I'd show you something from the pre-children/pre-technology days. It's about 15 inches across and I don't have any idea what the pattern is.  I'm sure it's in my books but I can't imagine which one!

If you have kids, you know what I mean about that kind of time and the "pre-technology" is just that.  I distinctly remember someone telling me when I first started with them that computers were "going to save me time".  Well, at this point, I must have about 10 years banked up! 


If you follow Asfina's blog, she has started doing a Latin phrase too.  I can hardly believe it- what fun!
Latin for today:  ordinatrulum mihi (non) arridet = I (don't) love my computer!


  1. Your Quatrain runner will be stunning! I really like the color you chose! ...and your pre-children/pre-technology doily is gorgeous! Children and technology do take up a lot of time, as does teaching. I hope we get to tat in heaven!

  2. Michelle, your doily, WOW!! pulcherrima

  3. Pulcherrima indeed! And the Quatrain is gorgeous. It is a wonderful pattern. I will tat it again and join up a few motifs this time. You have inspired me!

    (Still working in the hankie though! New york with the Grands was a perfect lesson in time management. I had NONE and so very little time was spent tatting! Now that I am back, I have to concentrate on the edging as I am a "serial tatter" and have to go one-by-one!)
    Fox : )

  4. Love your Quatrain Michelle, what an interesting, unusual shade? What is it called? It's like a muted, greyish purple (on my monitor anyway!).

    And your doily is great too!

  5. Oh no- it's the most lovely lavender ever- no grey. Must be my photo. Rats!

  6. I just discovered your blog and I'm so impressed by that doily. You've made a start on your runner which is a great accomplishment during busy times. The nice thing about projects made with motifs is that motifs are often quicker than rounds. I enjoy keeping count of the completed motifs. Watching the number grow gives me a sense of accomplishment even when the project is a big one. I'll be watching for your runner updates.

  7. Eliz, Thank you! I do love it although I'm embarrassed at what I did to hide ends back then- just a square knot and cut closely! It's size 80 thread and pretty dirty I noticed(when I took the picture). I'm not sure I can wash it though because of those joins.
    I love your blog and I see we both have an affinity for purples!


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