Friday, May 27, 2011

nuntium quintum decimum (15th post) Iona cross

Yesterday in reader, I saw Jane's Iona cross and was just charmed by it.  I make crosses for graduates who remember their old Latin teacher and have been sneaking them in here and there when at meetings or waiting.  I really want to work on the Frivole's Quatrain but no time to sit in the comfy chair, two weeks from now though, I shall be unstoppable!

And look what came in the mail from Diane!  I thought it was lovely in her pictures but in person it's even more!  My dear husband who doesn't even like pink, commented on it when he saw it too.  Thanks, Diane for such a glorious handkerchief!

Back to the crosses, I wish I knew where to find variegated red and white thread.  These are the school colors and as a keepsake, it would be nice.  I don't really like the plain red and with split rings, I can't do one shuttle of one and one of the other- too busy for me.

I don't like the solid red with the red/white tassel at all - it's a great pattern(can't find the link) - but the chain and tassel don't go so I think I'll redo that one.

And here's Jane's Iona again, closer.  I like it but it's very little even with size 20 thread.

I really struggle with joining on the "dead spider" side of a split ring as you can see.  I think my recipient won't care...

Latin for today:  nihi curo = I don't care.


  1. They are all great! Love the cross with the red and white tail.

    Hanky? Superb! What a treat! I can't wait to see my red rose hanky from the ever-generous Diane!
    Fox : )

  2. I'm glad the hanky arrived so quickly!

    Handy Hands has a variegated red and white thread in their Lizbeth line. I'd love to see a cross done up in it!

  3. Those crosses are so cute. I like them in red. Looks so brave!

  4. Jane's cross is one of my favourite patterns have made 50 or more, only because I have had the pattern for more than a year (perks of being Jane's sister) and they make good presents. Both crosses show up so well in bright red.

  5. 50! They are fast though and not too hard, except the dead spider join (for me). I've got to try the celtic one now.

  6. Thanks for your visit!
    Your crosses are wonderful!


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