Monday, May 16, 2011

nuntium duodecimum (12th post) In which there are ericae (hedgehogs)

I have a dear friend who is almost my twin.  She lives in Texas, two kids, Latin teacher, geek but not a tatter.  Her birthday is this week so I thought I would surprise her with her favorite animal, a hedgehog.  She loves having a zoo in the house- NOT me.  One silly dog is enough.
Ordinarily I don't go for this kind of tatting but for my amica, well, I can do it.

This pattern is from Nancy Tracy at Be-stitched.  Isn't it clever?

And in other news- the lavender thread came today!! My husband has borrowed my camera (what!!?) so I'll have to do a picture later but I can't wait.  Now if only I didn't have this silly grad class, grades, quizzes and google docs to correct...

Latin for today:  sol lucet (tandem)  = The sun is shining (finally)


  1. Love the hedgehogs, your link doesn't work to the pattern, but I found it - and will certainly be making one or two or lots of them!!

  2. I'm sorry about the link. On the bottom of the pattern it asks that people not post the pattern and I understood that to mean not the link but maybe it means not the pattern itself? I was unsure.

  3. Cute, cute, cute hedgehogs! I don't ordinarily do this kind of tatting either, but it's fun to do for a friend who will love it so much :)

    Not sure about the pattern posting - I would think a link to it would be OK, but ?


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