Tuesday, May 31, 2011

nuntium sextum decimum (16th post) 3 3/4 and dream thread?

I have a question about blog etiquette.  If someone comments on the blog and you want to respond, do you respond directly and privately or do you respond on your own blog?  It feels weird not to say anything sometimes but I really don't expect anyone to look at the post again.

The long weekend was a busy one, birthday party, my husband's students over for dinner- couscous royale (takes me all day to make) and the dread grad class kept me up until 1:30am on Saturday. 

But Sunday I treated myself and decided to do another quatrain.  I'd messed up and put too much thread on for #2 so I thought I'd try to do squeeze out another one.  But as you can see, not quite enough thread.

So I've tucked in in the pattern and started #3 again.  I like it and only 151 to go!

And thanks to Diane and speedy Jennifer at Tatting Corner, I now have the perfect thread for the graduates' crosses!

School is crazy and fun right now so it'll be a while before I can post again.

Latin for today:  ad posternum = See you later!


  1. your quatrain is pretty Michelle. and you do have the right color thread. as for comments, I always check the "subscribe by email" option when I post, that way i get to read all the subsequent comments without having to come back to the original post.

  2. Well, thanks, Ladytats for answering that question! I have had the same puzzlement as Michelle for ages!

    New thread looks great, Michelle!
    Fox : )

  3. The comment thing is very confusing to me also! When I comment, I don't really expect a response. I know that when I get comments, I read every one and pay attention to them. If there's a question or something, I'll respond on the post. It feels very negligent! But at the same time, if I responded to them via email, I'd feel overbearing. It's confusing... Let me know what you decide on! haha

    The quatrain pattern is so nice looking! I haven't the patience to even THINK about doing it. Good luck! (:

  4. Jeanne- you are brilliant! Not only do I know what to do for my blog but now I know how to see the other comments too!! Perfect!

  5. I'm so glad you were able to get the thread! It just happened that I had stopped by my friend Denise's house the day before your post, and that was one of the colors she had ordered. Timing is everything, they say! I wonder how I'd say that in Latin? ; )

    I do the same as Ladytats. I am careful, though. If there's someone giving something away where there will be lots of comments, or if the blogger usually gets tons of comments (some on my Google Reader get over 100 comments each post), I don't subscribe by email. I'm interested, but not THAT interested!

  6. Thanks for that etiquette question! I wondered if I was being a "bad" blogger not responding to every comment.

    Glad you found the perfect thread for your crosses. The kids will treasure that gift from their Latin teacher :)

  7. Well, thank Denise! I can't wait to try it to see how it looks in a cross.

    And your tip about being careful is a good one too! I wish I'd thought of the subscribing to the comments months ago. : )

  8. You got so close to finishing the motif. So sad! Will you add in more thread to finish that motif?

    I hadn't realized I could subscribe to comments for a particular post only, so I've made it a point to re-visit the comments section of a blog if I've asked a question. There is often something to be learned from the comments to a post so I find them worth revisiting.

    As a blogger who also comments on the blogs of others, I am never offended that someone contacts me through my blog or my profile information to respond to a comment I left on their blog. If the comment doesn't relate to the post they used, I have the option of not publishing it for others to see.

    Thanks for posting the blog etiquette question. I've learned something new.

  9. Ha- I'll keep it just in case I get dangerously close to running out of thread at the end but I won't use it unless I have to. Too many ends...

    And thanks for your kind words- I'm glad I wasn't the only one who wondered!

  10. Gorgeous motif and best of luck with the rest! LOL... More so than that, though: THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! I bought a package of floss threaders since I needle tat and break needle threaders by, at most, the fifth use. Of course, they're too big for the eye of my needle. I've been using them for adding beads to my ball o' thread but, honestly, I never even thought to use them for hiding ends or adding thread (something I have yet to successfully accomplish). Thank you! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!!!! I know that wasn't the intent of your photograph, but... Wow! THANK YOU!!!

    -Stephanie Grace

    Oh! As far as responding, I try to respond via e-mail but I'm also so far behind with e-mails that I tend to miss a lot. *blushes*


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