Saturday, August 4, 2018

Black lace - nuntium ducentesimum octogesimum sextum

I don't often work with black thread, I think my eyes are too old for it.  At the recent craft fair, I did sell a bracelet which I'd made for my daughter but she "grew out of/ grew up of" so I'd put it on the table to see what would happen.  Blow me down, it sold.  So I thought about making another and went back to Totus Mel's pattern.  I didn't do the original in size 10 (not my thing) but she was young and slight enough that it worked.

This time I decided to modify it a bit.  I know, me modify anything?  But I did and I'm pleased with the result.
My darling daughter's hand (top view)

All laid out- if I make the pair, I will modify so that the sides are equal.
As you can see, the sides aren't the same, that's because I put the hooks in as I tatted but realized I needed a LOT more to go around the wrist.  The difference in thread size was a lot.  Actually both my slim daughter and I can wear it, she fastens it in a different place but it doesn't flop.  Younger daughter said she would wear these for a wedding if they were white.  (and they matched her dress) So maybe I should try a white/off white pair with beads?


  1. Yes, absolutely, it’s lovely and white with beads would work well.

  2. Sometimes these craft fairs can amaze anyone, you never know what people will buy, if you think it won’t sell nine times out of ten it does.
    Lovely bracelet, how nice to have daughters that appreciate your work, I look forward to seeing it in white

  3. Oooh, white for a bride would be beautiful with white or iridescent beads! I wonder what this might be like with the Liz Metallic? Love it!

  4. Lovely! It would be lovely in white,too, and easier for our eyes!

  5. It looks great! I like it in black but would look great in any colour to match an outfit.


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