Sunday, July 3, 2016

What teachers do in the summer - - nuntium duocentesimum vicesimum sextum

I have to admit that as a kid I never wondered what teachers did in the summer.  Nor did I think about their evenings, weekends or anything else.  To me they were just part of school.  Sometimes I wonder if that's how kids think of me.

But summer- now this is magical time to me.  Maybe part of that is living here in Minnesota where there is such contrast between our seasons - I'm not sure.

Here's what summer means to me:
-Traveling with students, this year to Italy.  What complete and utter fun to share with them the places I love and they have been learning about.  I typically don't post pictures of my students or children but most of them are making such goofy faces that they are unrecognizable so I will break this self-imposed rule.
And yes, this is my sense of humor.  "Kids, stay in the Colosseum when I go out.  Go over to there and when I get outside, go right up to the gate and look pathetic. This will be the picture I send to your parents today."

-Having time to cook like I want to.  This is our dinner from last night, mushroom risotto.  It was as good as the one we had in Sorrento and I had the pleasure of cooking with my daughter.

-Being able to sit and enjoy my patio, whether tatting or doing schoolwork (yes, really.)

Not too bad for plants who lived in the house during the winter.  I'm so excited that the jasmine is going to bloom soon.

Scheduling things whenever I want to.  Doctors, dentists and even lunch with Happy Bluebird this coming week!  Hard to imagine that I might be excited about a mammogram but at least I can go any time.

Visiting my family.  Since they live several hours away, I always make the origami mice for the following school year on the way.  I don't do much origami anymore but I make these for each 6th grader and use them for teaching prepositions.
Almost finished, just three more steps.  (There are 40 more mice in two other cups.)
Just plain resting and thinking + tatting.  I got behind in Italy so I'm on row 13  (especially since I screwed up on 11 and had to cut off a portion and redo).

What a wonderful life!


  1. Ah, time to do things when you want to do them! Sounds like you've had a great summer so far. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Well, your summer certainly sounds busy, whether or not your pupils are thinking of you. Love those origami mice!

  3. Your summer looks exciting, I am so glad you enjoyed Italy, I love the picture of your students, actually that was not a bad idea, lock them in and have a few minutes quite to enjoy an ice cream??
    Your plants look lovely and I am sure they will enjoy the fresh air and sunshine
    I hope you have a very happy Independence Day and enjoy the rest of the summer doing what you want to do.

  4. Glad you enjoyed your holiday :) your kids are funny, they for sure had a wonderful time with you. Nice pics of your patio, great place to relax and tat. I'm behind you at the doily, your version is beautiful.

  5. Looking forward to lunch and catching up! Love your sense of humor with those kids - that would've been a great email to receive as a parent :)

  6. Sounds like a busy summer!! :) I hope you have plenty of rest time and enjoyable time!!! :)
    Love your doily and I think we are at the same repeat on the same row currently(according to your picture)!! :)

  7. I loved being a teacher and having the summers off... sort of. I know there were many summers spent taking classes and getting ready for the next year, but there was a respite and a chance to wind down between school years. I'll bet everyone would love to be a teacher! I hope you enjoy your summer!


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