Monday, July 11, 2016

Round 15 - - nuntium duocentesimum undetricesimum

Round 15 of Renulek's doily.

Is anyone else there?    Even if you aren't but are willing to look, here it is.  I see the way she's suggesting to do it but I swear the bottom or the close of the ring is on the right, not the left.  Or is the doily upside down in the picture?  Or maybe she's left-handed?

What do you think?


  1. No, I'd noticed that, too, & had taken another closer look. But her stitch-count notations follow the 'correct' path :-)
    Also, it Can be tatted either way.

    1. Aha- you're right! I think it would be harder to get those chains to lie correctly if just making a picot rather than a join. I'm not left-handed, is it possible that she is and that would explain it?

    2. Interesting theory !
      If you look real closely, you will notice that she has mistakenly taken the photograph/scan from the back side. Hence the working path is correctly notated, but the model misleads.
      I am tatting this round with reverse stitches (direct tatting) for the chains ... keeps me from having to RW, etc. - all tatting is from the front.
      But it is a slow round :-(

  2. Good eye! I think how she says to do it now isn't what she actually did in the photo. The ring close is definitely on the right and the join on the left. But I think she realized that the way she originally did it was a real pain in the you-know-what. You would have to use a paperclip or something to hold a place in the chain to join the ring to later. Especially, as muskaan said, you can just tat it the normal way and achieve the same results without the extra fiddly-ness.

    1. Yes! Thanks for confirming! I thought I was crazy!

  3. I have had this in patterns before, I work out where to start and then which way I normally work from. Perhaps I work a different way I don't know but I work right to left, I have no idea which is the correct way but that's my way of working. I don't think it really matters which way you work as long as the end result to correct.
    Sorry that may not help you, hope you can work it out


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